Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mother Mother

Last Friday I went out to West Vancouver to catch a free Mother Mother concert. I was pretty tired when Friday night came around, and part of me thought it was crazy to go stand outside in the rain for a concert. But I had a few people crazy enough to do it with me (Shout out to Robby P, Kira and Gagnon).

So we went anyway, and arrived at a woodstock-esque mudpit filled with excitable concert goers.

And the show rocked. The rain held up for about 40 minutes while they played their set, and the sound was killer. I even discovered a new favourite song of theirs thanks to Rob Peacock.

So now, I send this one out to you. I am seriously considering going to their show again in May - this time indoors. Nothing quite like being in love with Canadian artists. It brings joy to my heart.

(Can you tell I just learned how to embed videos? Whaaaat a keener. ha)


afterthoughtcomposer said...

It did feel very much like woodstock! Minus the fact that, you know, we were all fully clothed... and sober.

Hayloft kills me.

chRistie said...

I saw a free Mother Mother show during Orientation Week at Ottawa U and loved it. Interestingly enough, the opening act was a drag show? Oh, how different public universities are...