Friday, April 30, 2010

Mumford & Sons....

Currently, I have in my possession two tickets to two separate sold-out shows that I paid a total of $25 dollars for. One is Dan Mangan and the other is Mumford & Sons.

Thanks to my obsessive contest entering (I'd say I enter about 10 contests a week through Georgia Straight and the Peak...crazy right?) - I have won two sets of tickets to shows in the past year. Well three actually, but I couldn't go to one. How rad is that?

But now I am faced with a very strange situation. Somehow the Mumford & Sons tickets went on sale, and then like one week later they got really popular. Yesterday, I looked online and I could sell my $25 ticket for $90! What?!? That is a crazy return. So the question is - is it worth it to keep them?

It's sort of like during the Olympics when people got crazy good tickets in the draws. One person at Novacom could have gotten $2500 for her $200 speed skating tickets, but she went because she figured it would be worth it. Obviously, not quite as extreme...but still.

I think I am leaning towards going. The people must be on to something right? (But I guess the same could be said for Justin Bieber...did I just compare Mumford to the Biebs? Yup). But seriously, these guys are pretty awesome. They're British, their music is fantastic and their lyrics are very compelling. Go take a listen.

And check out these lyrics:

"It seems that all my bridges have been burned/
But you say that’s exactly how this grace thing works/
It’s not the long walk home that will change this heart/
But the welcome I receive with the restart"

(From "Roll Away the Stone" Mumford & Sons)

So, what do you think? And are you loving Mumford?