Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Well I suppose it is time to tell the story. I didn't really feel up to doing it last week, but this way I have to tell it less in person, so here goes:

Last week Wednesday I had a snow day. I was home doing homework when my mom called, asking me to pick up something for Brandon and bring it to the office. The roads seemed okay, so I decided to go. I was driving on 40th avenue, towards 168th (about 5 minutes away from my house), when I looked down for a second. When I looked up, I had crossed the center line. I saw a vehicle farther down on the road, so I swerved. On the slippery road, my vehicle lost control, I spun out, and my car flipped into the ditch in the reverse direction. So somehow, my car did a 180 spin, and flipped.

The next thing I remember, I was inside my car, mud and water all around me I was freaked out. It seemed like an eternity trying to find my window to get out. I got the window down, and climbed out the window onto the bank. My pants, my shoes, my hair, my face was all covered in mud. The people on the other side of the bank seemed shocked to see me standing there. Someone came running around to help me. They laid me down in the backseat of a truck. Then the fireman and ambulance arrived. The paramedics put me in a neck brace, and made me lay on the stretcher and told me not to move my neck or my back. In the ambulance I started crying my eyes out, realizing what had happened.

When I was wheeled into the hospital, the nurse asked my name and the paramedic responded:

"Lucky....her name is Lucky"

The hospital was pretty emotional. My dad, my mom and Matt arrived. Eventually, after six and a half hours, I got the results from my bloodwork, x-rays etc. By some unbelievable miracle, I am okay. I have muscle stifness, neck and back pain, and I suffered a mild concussion. But that is it. When you look at the car, its hard to believe:

just looking at that makes me shudder.

Looking at those pictures, it becomes very clear to me:

It wasn't luck.

I know that it was a miracle. I know that God protected me. I know that my life was spared. It seems crazy to believe, that God would intervene on 40th avenue, for me. But I see no alternative. I wish I had some other miracolous revelation to share. But it still hasn't come. I sure hope it will.

Two more things. One: could you email me your phone number? The phone was killed in the crash. Two: in case you were wondering, yes, it is a write-off. Good-bye Phantom...