Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hiking is Over...

Well, Rebecca and I headed out last Saturday on our last hike. No more waking up on Saturday morning stupidly early. Okay... I recognize the value of the expierence, I was forced to get outside and that was good. I must admit, somtimes the smell of the cool morning air, mixed with the fresh smell of the woods was pretty amazing. I also realized that I don't hate hiking, I just really like slow hiking. Its no fun when you are running. This all being said, I won't be hiking for a while.

So Bec and I picked right. Buntzen Lake was the easiest hike yet. If you are more into hike-walking as opposed to just hiking, choose this one. The whole thing only took us like 2.5 hours (slowly...haha). Oh yeah...

Floating bridge...reminsicent of Qwanoes sinking into the water.
Straight out of a Dickens novel. Fog on the landscape...

Welcome to the forest...

At the end of the trip, our instructor Daryl took us all for ice cream. And not just any ice cream, but DQ. He says "get anything you want". So of course, to me this doesnt mean "go crazy", it means get a blizzard. So I did - a small. But Bec and are looking around and people are getting ENTIRE meals (girl next to window). What the heck? People are so funny. We were all feeling pretty great about this free food until we realized: it was the leftover of our student fees.
These people are EATING my fees!
...hehe. No really, it was great, randomly sitting in the DQ with my hiking class. Oh TWU....

Thursday, October 26, 2006

I guess what I love about school is....

that here
no one thinks you are crazy
when you say
you might want a PhD.

I sat with two girls today who both said that they thought they would pursue a PhD or graduate education. What a gift we have recieved to study. I just cannot imagine the joy of being able to do this for the rest of my life. I wonder if I am cut out for graduate work?

Something inside of me thinks teaching at high school isnt going to be the end. But a Masters...more than a Masters...how scary. I feel so unworthy and so incapabable. Is this just all dreaming? All kinds of academic "non real world" imagainings? Or is this it...is this where am I meant to be...what I am meant to do. I am just sending that question out to the void....

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Let's pretend that is me...

Okay, so I did not expeirience that seminal moment at the top of Elk Mountain, but I did sit and eat my lunch in that exact spot. Isn't that a beautiful picture, and a beautiful view? Three cheers for flickr.

So I think hiking is getting better each time. There gets to be this point where you think you can't make it, and you then you realize you can. I realized something about myself though, I am not a fast coming down person. I don't run. I just don't. I tried at a few spots, but I am just too dang scared. I mean, I am clutzy, and there is a lot of stuff that I could be tripping on. I am just not willing to take that chance.

Only one more hike to go. And then an exam. What could be on a hiking exam you ask? I don't even know....

Friday, October 20, 2006

Does the Internet Suck?

Okay, today I was flipping through Macleans Magazine (ya I don't know why either). Anyway, the headliner article was on how and why the internet has devalued, corrupted and killed our society. Now, I realize how ironic it is to be posting this commentary on the internet, on a blog of all things, but I just need to know:

What are your thoughts?

This guy accused blogging as being a forum for "the cult of the amateur....which suggests mistakenly that everyone has something interesting to say". Now beyond the dripping elitism in that remark, does anyone else have any problems with this? I mean, is it idealisitic of me to say, that people writing about their life, their viewpoints and their world is a valuable thing? And sure, this might happen in an online journal. But I pose this question: without a blog, would we write this much? Would we know this much random information about our friends that are far away (or close for that matter)?

And to be fair. I will grant the man some points. Yes, the internet has allowed con artists and perverts of all kinds to run amuck. It is easier for them to find their prey. There is also a ton of garbage on the internet. But, how are these facts any different than anything else in our world? I mean you could go out and buy an important news magazine (like Macleans..haha) or you could go buy People, or the Province? Do you see what I am saying? Its so much more what we choose to read and get sucked into, then it is the actual content provided.

Now sure, there are about 1000 things wrong with the internet. And sure, I am a product of the "internet generation". But I feel like there is merit here, that we are just killing if we don't watch ourselves. There is my gigantic rant. Now what are your thoughts? And feel free to agree with Mr. Steve Maich of Macleans on how the internet is evil.

And hey - maybe if you are bored today, in the ol' checkout line, or at the hairdresser, read some Macleans. As you can see - it got me all riled up...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

How a TWU lecture becomes fun...

My proffessor quoted...or at least attempted to quote...

...The Dead Poets Society....
In fact, the exact same quote that I posted on my blog last April. I almost wanted to put up my hand and give the exact quote. Don't worry I didn't.

...Buffalo Springfield....
He was talking about the 60's counterculture, and he started speaking the lyrics of "For What It's Worth". Something's Happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear. Again, I could have probably quoted ALL of the lyrics, but I held my tongue.

In any case, I was pleased. Sometimes those pop-culture references really do work for profs. Other times, not so much.

Fifteen Days Late...

Well 15 days after my birthday, I decide to post the "what I got for my birthday" post. The thing is, I could just avoid it all together, but heck, I downloaded the pictures and everything, so you are just going to have to read it/look at it. So just deal. haha.
Pride and Prejudice Limited Edition Box Set from my parents. My mom is so good at gifts. Images of Darcy jumping into the lake in that white shirt. Just timeless. Who wants to join me? Because my sister is awesome. Lindsay said I could go choose a Matt & Nat bag. Three cheers for girly frivolous gifts. I am pretty dang excited about this one.

I sure have a wonderful boyfriend. One time I told him, I think its romantic when boy plans a date and then buys a dress for the girl. He bought me a dress, and planned a date. The dress didn't fit (uh oh) but he took me to Griffin & Sabine on Granville Island, which was just perfect.

See wasn't that fun?

Monday, October 16, 2006

Still Hiking...

Well this past Saturday, I headed out again with TWU for Hiking class. I also had to hand in a hiking project. What could possibly be done for a hiking project you ask? Busywork - lots and lots of busywork. But to be honest, it was good in a way, I researched some hikes and walks that perhaps one day, I might do in the future (wow I dont sound too sure of myself). Anyway, this time we went to Greendrop/Lindeman Lake.
The first stretch was straight up, and I had the sense that I really was not too good at hiking. Then we reached the first lake, and it was so beautiful. I must admit, I was pretty much scared I would die the whole last hike, so I didn't really look around. This time I took it in...just beautiful.

This is the actual color of the lake...it was pretty surreal.

I was so shocked and amazed by the beautiful colors everywhere. I am such a lover of fall. Thnakfully, I was with Rebecca who is also a fall lover, and listened to my ramblings about how much I enjoyed it.

Now we come to the part I did not enjoy. There were huge portions of rocks like this, that you had to sort of make your way over.

I realized on this trip, that I don't have a very good directional sense when it comes to hiking. I am fine with maps and all, but on my own, in the woods, I would be a goner. One time, I got to a rocky section by myself, and instead of working my way across (to the trail on the other edge) I just went up. About 15 minutes in, I realized I had to work my way back down, which was quite precarious and very tiring. I always did better when there was someone in front of me determining where the orange markers where. This is where my good friend Bec Shulba came in handy. She got us out of some sticky binds.
It was so good to be with a friend this hike. The good new is, this hike was better than the last. There was a lot of wandering through the forest, which brought back all kinds of wonderful memories of camp and being outside. The next however is called "Chilliwack's version of the Chief" so its straight up, the whole time. So you know, something to look foward to...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Do I look good?

So, I switched to blogger beta.
I think it was a bad move, because my template got all messed up
So, if you are thinking of switching, be careful.
It advertises switching fonts, and then it makes them look awful.
So I just switched all together.
I want to hear some thoughts.
And I also want to know, how are people making their blogs look so good. (Spiro, Kathryn)
Are you creating your own template?
I sure dont know how that is done.
I need some tips. Send them my way.


Okay, this is getting sooo geeky, but now I realized you can go and get templates from other places.
Are people doing this?
So. So. So. Geeky.

True Story....

I know what you're thinking: a courier logo? this has got to be a lame post. Just you wait.

Today something happened, that I only think happens to pastors and my mom. You know how pastors are giving a sermon, and they say "one day I was at Starbucks and I started talking to the person about ethics, morals and Christianity". And you are thinking, "no you didn't, you just got your coffee, smiled at the barista and got out of there". Okay, well this actually happened to me today....

I phoned "Quick as a Wink Couriers" which by the way, are often not at all quick as a wink. Anyway, I have phone to this courier at work (Novacom) just about everyday. Its like a two minute conversation: give the pickup and drop off details, get the confirmation number and you're off the phone. But today was a whole different story...I tell them that my envelope is going to Trinity Western to the office. And then it started.

The woman said "Oh I love Trinity, there are good people there, this world needs more good people". And she goes on to explain that her father picked up a wallet in a gas station that belonged to a TWU student, so she went out there, gave this student their wallet, and they became friends. Then she told me that this week she broke up with her long time boyfriend (yes this did actually happen). She said that he didnt have any respect, and the world needed more people like the ones at TWU who were "good people". She said "you sound like a good person". And I was like, umm...ya I hope so. Anyway, she said she had all this anger, and just today, she has decided to give it all up, because we cannot hold onto anger, and we need to find love and grace. Seriously.

So the lady explains this whole thing to me for about 15 minutes and then says "I dont know why I am telling you this...we can get back to your order". I was so shocked, so I just told her I was so happy she had found TWU, and that I hoped she came back to meet more people there. Moments in life like this, are just so unexpected. But I guess the point is, it really is possible, to be a kind of community that gets noticed, that makes a difference to people. I mean it all seems like a lot of rhetoric sometimes, but its true. People need what we have, and we have to be reminded of that some days.

Wow, that was really long, thanks for sticking it out. Has anything happened to you guys like this? It seems to happen to my mom a lot. I guess its being passed along...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Has it really been three years?

Now, I know that I just posted about Capernwray, but I'm sorry, I just have to say this:

Last weekend, here in Canada, it was time to be thankful. You know what I'm thankful for - the fact that I had a year at Capernwray. And you know, I am thankful for my life now too: for learning, for relationships, for home. Yet Capernwray will always hold this place in my heart, and I cannot even begin to examine the depths of that. Its just little moments in the day where I realize: that place changed me. I guess not the place so much, but the expierence, the people, the culture, the joy, the peace, the laughter, the growth, the safety. When I think of the moments, I smile and feel at peace. When I think of the faces, I almost want to cry, I just feel that blessed.

And tonight I realized, that I learned to love beauty at Capernwray. I mean sure I had always had an apprecation. But for the first time, I was with people who encouraged me to look around and really see beauty. Sometimes this was in art, music and literature. Yet other times, it was in something totally unexpected, like the light shining behind a tree (that ones for you Janzen). So tonight, as I sit here, I just want to say that I am thankful that I have these things to cherish in my heart. And I am thankful that sometimes, like tonight, I remember the beauty I found and it filters into my heart.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Magical Evening....

Who says that you can't picnic after labor day? Well we sure don't. Trust Angela Haugo to pull out the stops and create one of the most magical evenings I have had in a long time. I arrive at Stanley Park and watch the sun dip over the mountain at Ferguson Point. Then the girls arrive with bags of food: specialty cheeses, crackers, crossiants, fruit, salad, tzatziki and pitas. Ang also pulled a Martha: vases light with tall white candles. See what I mean: magical.

So what did I bring? I brought the wine. I know, we are so classy. Don't ask me if I knew which wine to pick, I definitely had to phone Matt three times from the store, but thats beside the point. I did bring the wine.

The evening was wonderful. Women, enjoying one another's company, laughing, talking and taking ridiculous pictures. Could you ask for anything more than that? In the darkness, it felt like we were camping, outside in the (relative) cold. As we left, the moon shone so bright down on us, that it looked like a streetlight. Then, straight from our adventure we drove into the city to be warmed by a coffee at one of the most pretentious and wonderful places in town: Cafe Artigiano. They may have kicked us out, but at that point, I don't think it mattered anymore. Nights like this don't happen very often, but when they do, we must cherish them. And I did.

(Ang said "I'm not going to tell you what to do, just do something...this is what i did...go figure)

Photos Courtesy of Angela Haugo: because I think it's clear, I could never have taken these. You are amazing Ang.