Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter Shoes...

So today I was talking to Lavonne about winter shoes. And I was happy to discover that someone else finds it to be a predicament like I do.

Until about the end of the September, I am on a steady rotation of flip-flops, flats, TOMS and converse. Then suddenly it starts raining every day, and you are looking at your shoe rack, wondering "what now?".

I wonder if I can carry on with the TOMS and the flats. But I might need socks, because its the winter and bare feet get cold. And then I can't determine whether that is lame or not. So, of course there are boots. But some days you don't want half your leg covered in shoe.

So what do you do? Just let your feet get cold in your summer shoes, or is there some type of shoe that I am missing here?

Let me know what you think.

And also, expect more random posts like this. We've had some crazy developments this week (perhaps another post is in order), and now I have much more alone musing time on my hands.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Some Observations on Halloween....

Doing my best to get in the spirit, we went to carve pumpkins on Friday night. But of course, I didn't carve one. I never do. It's something about the knives I think.

I've never really liked Halloween. I'd say without hestitation it's my least favourite "holiday". In fact, I am not sure I'd even call it a holiday. I don't really like any of the things associated with it (costumes, spiders, zombies, scary movies).
Nevertheless, there are a few funny things this year I liked:

1. There was a man walking down the street in White Rock carrying a 24 pack of a priest's collar. I thought to myself "that's funny" and then realized "he's walking to a party, it's Halloween". Might have been funnier if it was an actual priest but still, the image was pretty great.

2. Matt and I went to Canadian Tire on Sunday to cut a key for our condo. We push the buzzer and a kid shows up wearing a FULL Michael Jordan basketball ensemble - Jersey, Shorts, Sweatband, but then also massive headphones. He obviously worked there because he started cutting our key. The whole time I could not figure out why this kid was dressed this way. "Was he a stock boy, just coming out from the back to cut keys?" or what. Then it dawned on me for a second time, "oh it's Halloween". Funny thing was - same thing happened to Matt. Either that was the best costume ever, or the worst. I'm not sure.

3. Yesterday, Halloween mark downs were in effect. There was a giant plastic container of gummy spiders - so I bought them. It said $1.00 in big black marker, and for some reason I thought that was the best price ever (but it was bulk candy, so this is not likely true). I also almost bought 1/2 price chocolate bar boxes, but then I realized that if I bought 72 more mini chocolate bars, I would end up eating them all.

4. Whilst eating some of mini-chocolate bars today I thought to myself - why is it okay on Halloween to eat so much chocolate? There is no regular week where I would eat 1-2 full chocolate bars a day, but I eat like 6 mini ones. Odd.

So there you have it - even I can find some saving grace in Halloween. And of course, now we get Christmas. Oh yes.