Sunday, March 21, 2010


So I don't know how you feel about coupons. I know that some people hate them, and some people swear by them. Matt used to always get upset when I went to use the Entertainment Book. This one year at Kelsey's, he missed his Sales Goal because of that book. I'd usually get away with it anyway. I would just have to work hard not to be an irritating coupon user (tip on the whole bill etc).

But now, my friends I have discovered a whole new set of coupons. And they are just showing the Entertainment Book how it is done.

It's called Traveller's Deck - a set of cards for the various districts of Vancouver (Gastown, Granville, Commercial Drive etc). They are created by local Vancouverites who picked their favourite places in the city. Each district has a few restaurants and a few shops. The cool part is - you can't pay to be on the list (like in the Entertainment book), you have to be selected. Each card has a little write-up about the shop and a discount. So not only do you learn about cool places, but you also get a deal. The whole pack is only $12.

Now you might think this is sounding like a sales-pitch. But my friends - this is really a Public Service Announcement, because tonight we got the best deal ever.

Matt's parents came with us to Nood Furniture in Gastown, where we got 50% off two couches. Yes, you heard me. Fifty Percent. Two Couches. That by far, is the best discount I have ever received from a coupon. I still don't even believe it.
I didn't think I could ever be this excited about coupons, or couches. But I am. Maybe this is the true initiation into adulthood.

Monday, March 01, 2010

A delight...

Matt & I both laughed out loud.

To get us both - that's quite the feat. Bring some joy to your post-Olympic life.

Check it.