Thursday, January 03, 2008

Can you deal with silence?

I have a question to pitch to the blogging world:

Do you always listen to music (or something) while you are driving?

Do you ever just drive silently? Listening to nothing but yourself?

*Now, I just need to make a note here, that I am NOT referring to those who have no options of listening to music, because say, they drive a beater car or something of that nature. I mean, you guys probably have the whole 'silent driving' market cased. What I am really talking about here is choosing to turn off your radio, or other noise making device. *

I realized today on the drive home that I always have something on. I always have this little battle with turning something on, whether it be my ipod, the radio, just something. Even today, with a minor headache, I still needed something on. So odd. The thing is, I consider myself a reflective person. I like thinking about things during my day, probably too much most of the time. But I don't really drive silently. Is it that I am afraid of what I might think? I think a therapist might go crazy on me.

The point of this post is not to beat ourselves up, we do that too much in the new year already. It's just a honest query. I wondered as I manically turned on my radio today, "does anyone drive silently anymore?" I am interested....