Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Pseudo-Graduation...

my name in the program. and next to my name? you read for yourself. ohhh yeah.

Proffesor Pearson....such a character.

the family.

guess who showed up at grad? miss kiki tegs.

sarah and christie - my dear on campus friends that took me in and bought me food.
So here I sit, on Sunday night, posting graduation photos, only to wake up and drive to TWU tomorrows for a summer class. Not too pleased about that. But yes, this was grad weekend, and yes it was great times. On Friday, I went for pedicures with my mom and Lindsay. Then my mom and I went to the English Department Tea. This was probably one my favourite parts. My mom was standing around and talking to my proffessors. Picture yourself in that situation. It's crazy. My family took me out to dinner on Friday night, and then we went to the Baccalaureate service at TWU.

On Saturday, there was commencements. I absolutely loved watching the professors parade in their academic regalia. I was kind of sad, because I wasn't able to participate in the Humanities ceremony because of my current degree. So there weren't too many of my proffessors there. However - the speaker was Dr. Barbara Pell, whom I respect and admire beyond words. I felt truly honored to partipate in the ceremony. The joy of my academic life was manifest on the stage and all around me. That and I got the blue cord! That means something special (refer to 1st picture). All in all, a wonderful time. I felt truly celebrated and honored.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Confessions of a Trin-Keen....

It's official. I'm over the Top -
Lavonne is never going to speak to me again.
I am lamenting graduation. Who laments graduation? Who is this sad to leave their school? Absolutely no one – except me. Oh how ridiculous I am. But truly, I feel a deep sadness. I just love it here. It’s so rare to find a place in your life like that. When you do, you just want to hold onto it. Not only will I love the memories, but I love it now, in the moment. That is truly a gift.

The more I think about it, I know I will be back. Actually, I will be backer sooner than I think. I am further considering Grad work which means I will need to update my degree to an English Major. I have sadly sacrificed my English Major in order to do PDP. I am going to graduate with General Studies, so I can get my Bachelor of Education ( complicating). All this to say -essentially this is a “Pseudo-Graduation” of sorts. We will celebrate the BA, but it’s certainly not the end. Don’t be shocked if you ask me what I am doing in fall and I say “Back at TWU”. I just can’t get enough…

I thought of a good metaphor. It’s like a relationship. If you really love something or someone, it is harder to let go. But wait! It goes further – the world around you tells you to move on, that you are “better” than this relationship. “Just let go” they say. But you are sitting there going “no, this is it, this is what I love, for better or for worse”. In this case, for worse may mean unfortunate student debt. Hehe.
There you go, I have truly gone off the deep end, using analogies to describe my ridiculous state. Perhaps one person reading this will understand me. The rest of you, please just refrain from making fun of me, and maybe come to a “Grad BBQ” if I organize one. We need to celebrate graduation and the end of the semester. Heck – maybe next year we can have another one when I graduate again! More reasons to party….


I wish I knew how to get cell-phone pictures onto my computer because I have the best picture EVER of today. I go over to the ol' TWUSA BBQ to get my yearbook, and I am looking for the right line to stand in, and then I see it:

A sign that says "A-Drewlo" in big letters.

Thats right, my name was the cut-off so it was written on the big signs for people to line up. Okay, so they weren't that big, and its only TWU, but c'mon! You would be excited if your name was on a sign! I was pretty excited and took a keener photo with the sign. The yearbook people thought I was ridicolous. Sad thing was- I didn't take a grad photo, so I wasn't really represented. My baby picture did make it though. Leave it to my mom to get me in the yearbook somehow....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good Things...

Today was an expectedly wonderful day. I am currently housesitting for my brother which meant that waking up 20 minutes late today did not matter. I got to school in 8 minutes. Wonderful. Then, came the joys:

....Golf Carts....

Today I drove around a golf cart on Redwoods Golf Course, for a class! I know hard to believe right? This is one of my few solaces in my 7 class crazy busy semester. I "have" to take a human kinetics course - golf. Oh Trinity Western and the Liberal Arts Education. We got to class today and he told us we were taking carts out on the course. Have you driven one of these things? Its' fun times. We definitely "lost our way" at one point and ended up back at the clubhouse. Good times in golf class.

...Mars Hill...
I have always, always wanted to be published in the school newspaper. I promise, unlike other school papers, it is not lame at all. Its very hip, and usually the people writing it have witty comments and hipster things to say. Then I found out one of my English friends was going to be the Editor next year and she suggested I get an article in before graduation. She liked it, and I got published. It's certainly not my best work, but the paper also publishes online if you want to read it. Sneaked it in for the last issue of my graduation year. Hurrah!

....Dr. John Klassen...
Just to top the day off, I finished my history class today with one of my favourite proffessors Dr. John Klassen. This man is wonderful, and I always just want him to like me, because he is sooo brilliant, and also witty. He likes to talk about things as they are. I basically just think he is great. After class, he walked over to me and said "Sharelle, I loved your article in the Mars Hill, well done". True story! That seriously happened. This is beggining to sound like I think I am awesome, which I don't, I promise you, but this was a sincere moment of sheer joy. That was my greatest fear with the article, that profs would read it and laugh. But Klassen liked it, and that made my day.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"Hello My Name is Sharelle"

I got April Fool's pranked by Gmail! Pranked by an email service! I feel so ridiculous. Now I am posting about it, because it truly was a "Hello my name is Sharelle" moment.

On Sunday, I went to check my Gmail and there was a link that said: "New! Gmail Paper". So, I was a little curious and clicked on it. It said that Gmail had a new service where they would print any emails you wanted and send them to you free of charge. There was little pictures and testimonials and what not. I actually told Matt about it, thinking that it was pretty crazy that the service was free.

The service isn't free, because it doesn't exist! I actually looked for the "Paper" button in my account and couldn't find it. I wanted to click it and get one sent to me. Seriously.

Today, I signed in and it said "Missed our April Fool's Day Joke? - Click Here". So I did, only to see that I had been scammed, and fully did not know it. Now you might be wondering why I am spending time clicking Google links. Great question, I would like to know myself actually. It's the fine art of procrastination. Did anyone else get sucked in? Please tell me if you did. Oh wait, you probably aren't spending your time clicking on google links...right.