Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Gleek True Confessions....

Now I don't know if you watch Glee. I sure do.

It's probably the only show that makes me think having cable is worth it. From the moment they sang "Don't Stop Believing" last year, I knew. I was going to be hooked on this show. It just brings me so much joy.

What I have loved is watching the slow revolution. At first people are like "a musical TV show about singing high school students, that sounds kind of lame". And yes, I suppose it kind of does. And then slowly, people keep falling and admitting to me that they love it too. I remember when the same thing happened with Lois & Clark in high school.

So here are my "Gleek" true confessions:

1. I listen to the songs constantly. I own almost all of them. I have about 65+ songs in my itunes library. Not joking.

2. This week I bought People "Glee special edition" and I have read it cover to cover for factoids.

3. I wish that the Glee tour would have come here, because I would have paid to see those guys sing.

4. Thanks to my excellent Novacom co-workers, I now own season one, and have spend a considerable time watching DVD extras like "Glee Jukebox" and "Glee Karaoke".

5. Today I researched Kurt mini-me double in the last episode, because it was bugging me so much. Was it killing you too? Check out my results.

So there they are - what are your Glee true confessions?

Sunday, October 03, 2010

It's my birthday...

Well what do you say really, when your last post was June 3, 2010. Exactly four months to the day. Sort of timely then I suppose.

I guess I do have some pretty adequate excuses:

a wedding
a honeymoon
and now unfortunately, a surgery.

So maybe, now that my excuses are over (mostly), I can't defend my lack of posting any longer. I remember a time when something really excellent or noteworthy happened, I would shout "that should be a blog post" and then I would make a mental note. Now it just turns into a facebook status. That's pretty lame - I'm going to try bringing those thoughts here again okay? See if I can break this "soundbite" generation thing.

This week has been unusual. I have spent the majority of it sitting in my condo (hey, I live in a condo now, with my husband!) trying to build myself back up to normal activities. Things are progressing, but its still hard not be frustrated when senior citizens pass you in the street (yes that actually happened) Whilst in the hospital, someone also stole $500 from my bank account, so I worked on getting that back. And then on Friday, I thought I had lost all of the documents from my computer. Like literally all of them.

So I had a little breakdown, where I got all existential and wondered if any of it mattered ("but I did all that work on all those lesson plans and papers and they're gone"). Mostly a "final straw" moment, where I wasn't sure what else I could take. Luckily, I have a very wise husband who calmly ushered me out of the condo and into Home Outfitters to spend some wedding gift certificates (thank you my friends for those).

In the end, I got both the money and the documents back (hurrah!). But even before I did, I realized that I have an embarassment of riches here. I have a husband who loves me and takes care of me after surgery and I have a community that cares about me - one that will fly across the country for my wedding, do silly wedding tasks, visit me when I am stuck at home. I don't think I could ask for more.

So, on this 26th birthday I feel incredibly blessed.

(and hey, I'm going to try and blog more okay? please keep coming).