Tuesday, February 28, 2006

When a movie describes your very thoughts....

"Sometimes I wonder about my life. I lead a small life. Well, not small, but circumscribed. And sometimes I wonder, do I do it because I like it, or because I haven't been brave? So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book, when shouldn't it be the other way around? I don't really want an answer. I just want to send this cosmic question out into the void. So good night, dear void."

Monday, February 27, 2006


Isn't it funny how every person has different things that
make them feel that they are going to be "ok"?

What do I mean by this? Sometimes, like tonight for me, you get those moments where you are sure that your life will bring you pain, and you are sure that it will also bring you happiness, and somewhere in the middle, you are pretty dang sure that you will be ok. There are some of us, who know we will be ok when are finances are all sorted out. There are others, who know that if they get their "thought-life" in order they will be fine (probably me in that lot). There are others that need to be sure of relationships (alas, there I am again). Or sure of their career path. Either way, its probably a little different for all of us. I mean there are the obvious truths we stand on, but beyond those, what are the things which really make us feel sure? I find that so interesting.

I love those moments, where you can almost feel the weight of circumstances to come, and the heartache that will accompany them. Yet you smile, because admist all of that, there will be joy in seeing people become what they are meant to be. In letting go of yourself and your "perfect conception" of the world. At least for me anyway, there is beauty in that, realizing that everything might turn out ok, even if its not how I imagined it...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Look What I Found....

....at IKEA! Honestly, I just wanted to "stop in" to check out the frames and prints, and bam! 4 set of Paris. Could not even believe it. Now if I can just find some London ones, we will be set. Isn't it sad how I can't take my own photos so I buy them from Ikea? Oh well - it was a find, and I am stickin to that!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

If you hate surveys...

Stop reading now.

I am not in the habit of doing these, but I was tagged, so I figured - why the heck not. Plus, I sure couldn't get to sleep even though I have to work at 5.30 am tommorow. So here you go, read some random facts about me - or not. You decide...

four jobs you've had in your life:
1) jeans folder at American Eagle (decent)
2) server at Kelsey’s (complete failure)
3) cook at Kelsey’s (how hard is it to make a pizza?)
4) barista (great, the best I’d say)

four movies you could watch over and over again (not to be confused with favourite movies):
1) One Fine Day
2) You've Got Mail
3) Love Actually
4) Conspiracy Theory

four TV show you love to watch:
1) Gilmore Girls
2) Sex and the City (yes, its true, I am a heathen)
3) And that caps it.

four places you've lived:
1) Heart of Surrey (Newton)
2) South Surrey
3) Carnforth, England
4) Crofton, BC (Camp Qwanoes)

four places you've been on vacation to:
1) Hawaii
2) London
3) Salzburg
4) Paris

four places you would rather be (or where you'd like to visit?):
1) Spain – Aimee, would love to walk the streets of Barcelona
2) London – I could really use some Thornton’s
3) Ireland – St Patty’s day draws near
4) Paris – H & M, and some crepes

four of your favourite foods:
1) tacos
2) catcus club ribs
3) nutella crepes
4) ben & jerry's half baked

four websites you visit daily:
1) My Blogger Dashboard
2) www.google.ca
3) www.hotmail.com
4) basically everyone’s blogf

four CDs you're digging right now:
1) Elizabethtown soundtrack
2) Beatles Ballads (before you laugh, its a record comilation - so get over it)
3) Good News for People who Love Bad News – Modest Mouse
4) Funeral – Arcade Fire

If you have made it this far, you are a star. Thanks for caring. In fact, if you have made it this far, maybe I should go ahead and tag you. Yup - there you go, you are tagged. Sorry - that was kinda lame wasn't it? Well you still are tagged....


I am done Mid-terms! Now in my "week off" I will write a paper and do an Education mini-lesson. Yikes! But it's ok, one thing is done. And for this I rejoice.

"I thought it was from God"

I just watched the movie "Millions" with Megan and Heather. This is a great thing for a couple reasons. One, I got to see Megan and Heather. I sure love those girls. There is something about long time friends that makes you realize that life is good. I mean here we are, years away from the days were we all dressed the same. But, we can still talk about where life has brought us. Thats pretty incredible.

Two - that was a pretty great movie. For one, the filmography was great. I honestly felt like a little kid for a few minutes. The kid in the movie is obsessed with Patron saints, so they appear to him and so they just have a chat. I thought that was pretty great. Suprsingly, some real "ethical" issues were tackled: what would you do if 230,000 pounds landed on your doorstep? And the kid was British, so that pretty much capped it. My heart yearned to go back and see those row houses, with kids running about in uniforms speaking with those ridicoulous accents.

"Sometimes things are there, and then they just dissapear, like Maltesers in your mouth" - Damian Cunningham (in reference to how everything changes)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Nostalgia & Teaching...

Yesterday, I had an amazing day. I spent it at Surrey Christian Middle School for a one day TWU Education observation. By the time the day was done, I was wishing it could be more than one day. It's a strange feeling to be back at your middle school, see your picture on the wall and realize how far you have come. And yet, kind of beautiful at the same time.

During the day I sat in classrooms, wrote notes about how they taught, drew the layout of their classrooms (best part, because I would mark down "random Micheal Jordan Poster" and the like). I found it fascinating how different teachers can run a classroom with such diverse methods and yet still be effective. On the breaks, we sat in the staff room - which was pretty surreal. I was such a keener, that I even ran the hot lunch. (Picture me, carrying huge bags of Pizza to classrooms...yikes)

The current principal (Jon Bron) was my grade seven teacher, so he pretty much made fun of me all day. I realized that I have a great deal of nostalgia attached to that place, and fond memories. I am so thankful that places in my heart also still exist in the real world. It's as great of a school as it used to be. Probably the best legacy of me in that place - I made in onto the school brochure - steering a sailing boat! Ay, ay captain.

All in all, a fantastic day - and it made me realize: I just might be able to do to this. The teachers were so young, fun and had a great sense of humor. I hope I work in a school like that one day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Good Friend Bono...

I don't think I can really do justice here to how much this speech has already impacted me. About a week ago, my proffesor asked us if we would like to watch Bono at the national prayer breakfast (for my ethics class). So I said "no - I hate that guy". No - you guessed it, I was the biggest keener around.

After my prof said that maybe - although this is potentially kinda crazy - that Bono represents a new "face" of Christianity which is striving for social change without hiding behind the cloak of evangelicalism. He said "if Bono had a church, I'd go to it, and not because he is a rock star". And my answer would probably be the same. I guess for me, it would be partly because he was a rockstar. But man - if you get a chance - try and find the video. If not, here is the printed transcript (and audio is on this page too)..

Check it out.

Some highlights for me:

"Even though I was a believer.Perhaps because I was a believer. I was cynical… not about God, but about God’s politics"

"It’s annoying but justice and equality are mates. Aren’t they? Justice always wants to hang out with equality. And equality is a real pain in the ass. Seriously"

"But justice is a higher standard. Africa makes a fool of our idea of justice; it makes a farce of our idea of equality. It mocks our pieties; it doubts our concern, and it questions our commitment. Six and a half thousand Africans are still dying every day of preventable, treatable disease, for lack of drugs we can buy at any drug store. This is not about charity: This is about Justice and Equality."

I guess the true question is: will I do anything about it?
I plan to.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006



On the heels of the last post, I thought I should post this:

Today I went looking through an adbusters magazine for philosophy class. Man, that magazine is incredible. The imagery used to prove a point, to show you something. The one I looked at was called "look right" and all about how consumerism is basically taking over the world. And over and over people in it were asking the question: is this all making us happy? or are we just lonelier than we have ever been? Don't get me wrong - I am sucker for the corporate machine just as much as the next guy. I work for Starbucks after all. Yet, I wonder - will I give myself over to all of this consumerism?

I was left with this question:

“What remains of our capacity to reinvent the world?"

I heart Target...

For all of you Americans - you can just stop reading now. I mean you can read, but this is a silly Canadian getting excited about a fairly "average" store for you guys. Or if you are expecting something deep, also stop reading now.

Target. Oh the joy! There I was on Sunday, having some lunch with my pro shopper Stefanie Fraser and she is telling me about the Crystal Light flavors at Target. So did I go home and watch the superbowl? (no, c'mon I'm not an American) Did I go do my homework? Nope, you guessed it. I went to Target. It kind of is materialism gone mad for me, but I love the silly little things we can't buy in Canada. Like Diet Cherry Coke. Check! And Orbit gum. Check! And nice tank tops for below 20 bucks. Check! And Kit Kat Milkshake (what the??) I was a happy girl.

So yes, I am very proud to be a Canadian. But also happy that I have the ability to cross that border and buy some goods that only sell to the mass market of the USA. Its' a good life. With this in mind, I will go reflect on my Moral Issues and Ethics class topic: Consumerism taking over society.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thanks friends...

Today, when I should have been studying I did a little blog ring hunting. Right away, I need to qualify that statement. Most of the blogs I encountered I should have already read a long long time ago. Alas, I had not. So there I go, clicking on everyone's links (yes I know I am getting more geeky by the second at this point). And what did I find out? That I am a link on these blogs! Pretty much made my day. So some special thanks to:

Christy Childers - http://talkingofmichelangelo.blogspot.com/
Bonnie Munchinsky - http://bonniesmunchkinland.blogspot.com/
Kate VanWynen (sp?) - http://www.katev.blogspot.com/
Bec Shulba - http://becshulba.blogspot.com/ (special thanks because I am called "Teacher Sharelle" - makes me think I might actually do it or something!)

And of course, to my classics - Bonnie, Kristina, Spiro, Salonka, Keeks. Thanks guys.