Friday, December 23, 2005

From our Sweaters to Yours...

The winners of the Better Sweater 2005 - the happy couple: Geoff & Lavonne, unmodified and modified respectively.
A picture of Nevs at the lodge - simply because its funny.
My decorator extradonaire - Jenny Beevers - holding the Mallard, while I cradle Billy Bass the singing Christmas wall hanging.
This odd photo simply to show the glory of Shaun's 5 dollar sweater - yes it was made entirely of 5 dollar bills.
So there you have it, Better Sweater 2005 is officially wrapped up. The turn out was smaller, but it was good company and thats key. I started early with Jenny and she painted the amazing log cabin decor you can see in the photos. Special thanks to Montanas cookhouse for providing the lodge paraphenalia: antlers, ski poles and snow shoes. I think my co-host also deserves some recognition for his decorating talent. Who knew antlers, some garland and a plaid blanket could look that classy?
This year there were two categories, modified and unmodified. It was time to give a chance to those who got those amazing sweaters as is, yet to everyones alarm, the modification king himself Stewart, cleaned up. The winners:
Geoff Stewart: Unmodified - Santa playing golf with elves as caddies, PC factor: he was Black.
Lavonne Neville: Modified - A reindeer made of felt, with light up antlers, constructed at my house the evening prior.
Shaun Gaynor: Honorable Mention- This is actually way more than an hon. met. - I really do think this guy deserved a prize. In fact I think my mom may give him one. As seen in the photo, the 5 dollar sweater. Guess how much money the sweater was in total?

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Stanley Park Christmas Train...

Here we are, at the ol' Christmas train. I was so happy about it, I thought I would slap on a real cheesy smile for that photo. Yikes. Anyway - on Thursday I went to Stanley Park with Megan and Mandy. It was Christmas good times. Megan commented that the whole thing has a real "tourist trap" aura about it. But aren't those the best things? I really enjoyed myself. It was more magical than I even remember it. Call me crazy... but I could almost imagine what it would be like to walk among those lights, with polar bears, snowmen and of course Santa.

For those of you who are not aware. The Christmas train is a tradition in Vancouver where a small train goes around the tracks in a big park with thousands of lights and cheesy christmas cut-outs. I have to say my highlight was the fake skating rink with the "skating" snowmen. One of them had a Canucks jersey on, so for effect, they cut out the christmas music for a second and put on "hockey night in Canada". Yup, very random. And I liked it.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Here's....Wes! My dad getting into the spirit...

Lindsay was too busy taking photos to be in one. This is the best I got!

Hey! Where am I?

My brother - the Christmas tree keener.

The awful smile. Gotta love it.

Yay! We picked one...finally!

Well today was a very interesting day. First we took family pictures, in Fort Langley. And all wearing Brown sweaters! I know, kinda cheesy. Don't worry those pictures will be posted when they arrive. Sadly, after the pictures we mourned the loss of a friend's family member. Then...we went Christmas tree shopping. Whew! Eventful.

But wow - this tradition. I really love it. When you walk out into the yard and you breathe in that deep rich earthy smell. Mmm...and then you walk around sizing up the trees. "I think this one is that one is higher". "Does it have a solid trunk?" - my dad. Everyone evaluates the tree on a different basis. How interesting is that? We got a tree and I think a solid one! No - we didn't go to the U-chop like some adventurous families do. Only the Art Knaps - but hey they've got free cider. Needless to say - we had some classic family moments. I really love those guys.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I Love my Job...

That picture has nothing to do with this post. Except that maybe its also very comical and concerns Starbucks.I am going to tell a little story now, and if you don't find silly people and rants amusing, stop reading now....

Last night, a guy came into our store. He was probably about 19 or 20. He is in a shirt and tie, but kinda scruffy. Nice enough looking though. He comes to the front, and orders a hot chocolate with 1/4 soy and the rest normal milk. I get some weird orders so this wasn't new. I asked him why - he said he was allegric to dairy. So I am thinking - why are you having any? But thats beside the point. Since I am so good at my job, I offer to make him a drink that tastes great with soy. (Tazo Chai). I have to go help another customer but he continues to talk to me. Once again - this has happened before. But I always find it pretty comical. But thats not all...

He eventually sits down but then gets up again - walks back up to the bar and carries on a lengthy discussion with me about how the Chai tastes like Cinnamon. Yes - it is Chai spice friend. The point is - he keeps talking. He would go sit down for like 10 minutes then come back and talk again. But the funny part is - not particularly to me. More so to my 40- year old co-worker. Yikes. Later we see him get up and go to the bathroom, comes back out wearing an entirely black outfit. I guess it was his casual clothes. Well this seems to put him in a good mood. Because he starts snapping one hand to the music. And then one foot. And then before we know it, he is almost full on dancing in his chair. I was just about dying.

After a few more conversations he leaves. But then he comes back! He is standing there for a few minutes - looking like he is building up to say something....but doesnt. He turns and walks out. Then my co-worker goes "shoot, maybe he wanted to use the phone to get a taxi". So, I am not even kidding you, she runs after him. Out in the parking lot she asks him, he says:

"No...I just wanted to say good-bye".

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Does this Look like Me?

Yesterday we threw a suprise birthday party for my mom. She claims she knew because I was being "suspicious", but she didn't know. It was pretty fun times, those adults can get pretty mental. Its quite the expierence to sit in a room full of 50- something ladies as they talk about ex-boyfriends. Yikes, particularly if one of them is your mom. Double Yikes. But ya, it was fun, I did the game (of course) entitled "Deb Bingo" and I think I got some laughs. But the real point of this post is - do you think that picture looks like me? Because about eight of my moms friends said so. And I suppose if I think about it, it might...but I think I assumed that I didnt look like my mom. Your thoughts?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Most Ugly Time of the Year...

It's that time of year again. Better Sweater Party the Lodge. It's going to be fun times. If you havent recieved the "Evite" yet and you would like to, let me know. Or if you have and really didn't want to. Well...I guess I am sorry. haha. Nevertheless, the ideas are out there, and I for one have already purchased my sweater. The race is on...