Saturday, February 05, 2011

Day 8 in "30 Days of Blogging"

Day 8: short term goals for this month and why

1. Find some good books to read - We are going to Hawaii in two weeks (!) and I want some quality reading for vacation time. I always seem to mess it up, and bring books I don't actually want to read. I love having an excellent book when you have time to read it. Any suggestions?

2. Get ahead on "The Biggest Loser" - Novacom started doing a "Biggest Loser" a couple weeks ago, and I was doing really good at the start, and had a great steady pace. I want to get that pace back, even though the loss was slow, I was getting somewhere. Right now, I am stalled and I want to change that.

3. Blog for 30 Days - I know it is kind of silly, because you are reading my 30 day post right now, but this is quite a commitment, and I want to stick to it.

4. Condo Cleaning Overhaul - two rooms in our condo need a serious cleaning overhaul (again) - the storage room and the spare room. It's killing me.

5. Thank You Cards - I am slowly making my way down the list, but you probably haven't gotten yours yet, so please accept my sincere apologies. We had quite a few setbacks in this household the fall, but we are getting back on track, and I am finally getting these out.

I feel a little bit daunted by seeing those all in print, and then showing them to all of you. But I suppose that is probably the point - "exterior" motivation and all that.


kate said...

Read Great House by Nicole Krauss
You won't be sorry.

chRistie said...

"The Furious Longing of God" by Brennan Manning. I read it a year or two ago, mostly while in a hammock. Good for the soul AND a good vacation read.

Also, you should give "The Magicians" by Lev Grossman a try. It's similar to Harry Potter in the sense that it's about going to a magic school, but it's much darker, and thus I think realistic.