Thursday, November 03, 2011

I heart Mumford...

Well friends - it's been a while hasn't it? It feels like I'm always saying that on here. But the truth is, as much I disdained the thought of it - I've started to Twitter a lot. I'm not going to lie, it's pretty quick to post a photo and do a little 140 character post. Nevertheless, I still do value this blog. I've not forgotten about this fine medium. I promise I'll try harder.

As a reward for showing up - check out all of these videos for unreleased Mumford & Sons songs. I can't not even wait for the new album in February. It's a rare thing for me to sit and put "Youtube videos" on repeat, but Mumford merits that kind of idiocy.  

Lover of the Light 
Ghosts That We Knew
Lover's Eyes
Hold On to What You Believe
Feel The Tide
Hopeless Wanderer

I can't even tell you which one is my favourite, because they are all really fantastic. But I have listened to "Hold On to What you Believe" & "Feel the Tide" about 30 times each on Rdio. 

Brandon & I have bought our tickets to their Seattle show on the first week of December. I cannot wait.