Sunday, October 19, 2008

Remember Hugh? Now we have Colin...

This week - this little gem was discovered. Colin Firth- dancing. Enjoy.

Because I was getting sass....

Well tonight I got sass all the way from Costa Rica about not posting on the blog. So even though I don't have anything great to say at all, I thought I should post. As my accurate friend has rightly pointed out, I have not posted since August 14th. Yikes.

Things I like right now:

1) The Fall - right now, as I drive down the street, or walk on the path and the leaves crunch under my feet, I am reminded how much I love this season. It really is the most beautiful season in my mind. And I get to wear sweaters, and jackets. Try taking a drive down 16th avenue one of these days.

2) "And Then You" - Greg Laswell. This is a lovely song from Grey's Anatomy that I am listening to non-stop. I don't know why - but it calms me down. Its not amazing, but it seems to be what I need.

3) UBC Education Library - the lovely people of UBC education library post their unit plans online, for the mutual edification of all. It's a wonderful thing.

I can't think of anything more. My life is ridicolous. In all my university years, I don't think my life has ever been this ridicolous, which is really saying something.

But the PDP slogan is this: "I can do anything as long as it's temporary" or in the long lost words of Brenda and Gina at Lehigh: "I can do anything for two months". And that's all I have left. Here we go.

Maybe at the end, I will be fun again, and post random things. We'll see.