Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Morning Haiku

I am comforted
by the sound of dishwashers
and laundry cycles. 

(strange, but true)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Confessions

Just thought I'd sneak it in before the month ended. Here we go:

1. I find it hard to go to our church these days. Yup, started with that doozey. I am yearning for change there, and see it on the horizon but it's just that waiting game that's hard these days.

2. I have a resignation letter to write (School District), and so far I've only gotten to the header. I just hate change you see, so even if it is necessary, good change, I resist it. I know the new chapter of my life needs to begin but it's still not easy. I thought it would be easier to be honest, but these things surprise you sometimes. 

3. I am really bad at being home alone - Matt's back on night shift, and I am really terrible at just spending the evening home alone. I plan a million events throughout the week - like literally every night out. Then I end up feeling super tired all the time. Tonight I finally did it - with the exception of picking up my dinner (one goal at a time here, I wasn't going to attempt to cook too). And I was productive even! So here's to progress maybe. 

4. I totally buy into pop culture phenomenons - and by this I mean, I wish that I were standing outside waiting for the midnight premiere of the Hunger Games right now. Instead I am settling for opening weekend Saturday so we can make a party of it. I guess there are some caveats to this one. I had extreme dislike for Twilight, but I still had to know what's going on. So I read and watched them all. I just hate being out of the loop. I also kind of love being a part of something big, especially if there is a great story behind it.  

5. I really love The Hunger Games - I guess this isn't much of a confession. But what I mean to say is, I have been almost giddy for two weeks about it. I've watched every clip possible, and have just tried to stop thinking about it because I'm too excited. I know this is probably a set-up for disappointment, but I'm hoping for the best. It's just so great when people have read the books and are so keen to discuss, and see the translation to screen. Post Harry Potter, I had no idea when I was going to feel this way again. And sure, its only a fraction of that, but I'll take it. 

6. I really hate it when people use Social Media to advertise - obviously we can't escape it, but the principle of it kills me. It's like they think we're being tricked somehow because the ads are on our twitter feed, or because they have a facebook group. Umm, we get it. You're trying to sell us something.Today I saw someone was at a "How to Use Pinterest for Business" seminar and I wanted to gag. Of course they want in. But I'm going to be straight with you here - the minute I start seeing tupperware or product placement on my boards, you're getting un-followed. I see enough of that everywhere else. I want it saved for beautiful things.

7. Multi-Level-Marketing just KILLS me - while we're on this selling rant, I'm going to go here too. There is one particular product that has been particularly flogged the last couple of weeks - a health product (aren't they all for your health though?) and I've had enough. It goes against everything I fundamentally stand for - using your friends as sales targets. I mean if people want to buy things off their friends, go for it. Let your friends approach you. But just stop "pitching me" - if I wanted that I'd go to my realtor's free Christmas tree event (which I avoid at all costs). Obviously there is always going to be friend/business crossover but I'd just like to see a little more respect I think. Whew, feels good to get that off my chest. I have a lot more observations on this, maybe it'll get it's own blog post one of these days. 

I think we're going to end on that rant. I think its likely I'll chicken out and revise both #6 & #7, but I'm hoping I'll be able to stand my ground. I was talking with a friend this week and we concurred that the best blogs say what they're really thinking. So there you have it. 

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Music Review: "Of Monsters & Men"

I just bought tickets for 50% markup for "Of Monsters & Men". Normally that's totally against protocol for me. I am totally committed to only paying the ticket price.  But here's the thing -  I can't stop listening to these guys, and I know I'll regret it if I don't go see them in 2 weeks when they are here.

They've been dubbed "the new Arcade Fire" and the "Iceland's Mumford & Sons" by Rolling Stone. Since those two bands are both in the top 5, I had to hear these guys. And of course, the Iceland connection makes you think of Sigur Ros, another favourite. So take a listen, and if you're really keen, why not buy some 50% mark-up tickets (still only $36) to come see them with Matt & I at the end of March. 

Check it out - their top single "Little Talks". But pretty much the whole "Into the Woods" EP is awesome.