Friday, December 23, 2005

From our Sweaters to Yours...

The winners of the Better Sweater 2005 - the happy couple: Geoff & Lavonne, unmodified and modified respectively.
A picture of Nevs at the lodge - simply because its funny.
My decorator extradonaire - Jenny Beevers - holding the Mallard, while I cradle Billy Bass the singing Christmas wall hanging.
This odd photo simply to show the glory of Shaun's 5 dollar sweater - yes it was made entirely of 5 dollar bills.
So there you have it, Better Sweater 2005 is officially wrapped up. The turn out was smaller, but it was good company and thats key. I started early with Jenny and she painted the amazing log cabin decor you can see in the photos. Special thanks to Montanas cookhouse for providing the lodge paraphenalia: antlers, ski poles and snow shoes. I think my co-host also deserves some recognition for his decorating talent. Who knew antlers, some garland and a plaid blanket could look that classy?
This year there were two categories, modified and unmodified. It was time to give a chance to those who got those amazing sweaters as is, yet to everyones alarm, the modification king himself Stewart, cleaned up. The winners:
Geoff Stewart: Unmodified - Santa playing golf with elves as caddies, PC factor: he was Black.
Lavonne Neville: Modified - A reindeer made of felt, with light up antlers, constructed at my house the evening prior.
Shaun Gaynor: Honorable Mention- This is actually way more than an hon. met. - I really do think this guy deserved a prize. In fact I think my mom may give him one. As seen in the photo, the 5 dollar sweater. Guess how much money the sweater was in total?

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Stanley Park Christmas Train...

Here we are, at the ol' Christmas train. I was so happy about it, I thought I would slap on a real cheesy smile for that photo. Yikes. Anyway - on Thursday I went to Stanley Park with Megan and Mandy. It was Christmas good times. Megan commented that the whole thing has a real "tourist trap" aura about it. But aren't those the best things? I really enjoyed myself. It was more magical than I even remember it. Call me crazy... but I could almost imagine what it would be like to walk among those lights, with polar bears, snowmen and of course Santa.

For those of you who are not aware. The Christmas train is a tradition in Vancouver where a small train goes around the tracks in a big park with thousands of lights and cheesy christmas cut-outs. I have to say my highlight was the fake skating rink with the "skating" snowmen. One of them had a Canucks jersey on, so for effect, they cut out the christmas music for a second and put on "hockey night in Canada". Yup, very random. And I liked it.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Here's....Wes! My dad getting into the spirit...

Lindsay was too busy taking photos to be in one. This is the best I got!

Hey! Where am I?

My brother - the Christmas tree keener.

The awful smile. Gotta love it.

Yay! We picked one...finally!

Well today was a very interesting day. First we took family pictures, in Fort Langley. And all wearing Brown sweaters! I know, kinda cheesy. Don't worry those pictures will be posted when they arrive. Sadly, after the pictures we mourned the loss of a friend's family member. Then...we went Christmas tree shopping. Whew! Eventful.

But wow - this tradition. I really love it. When you walk out into the yard and you breathe in that deep rich earthy smell. Mmm...and then you walk around sizing up the trees. "I think this one is that one is higher". "Does it have a solid trunk?" - my dad. Everyone evaluates the tree on a different basis. How interesting is that? We got a tree and I think a solid one! No - we didn't go to the U-chop like some adventurous families do. Only the Art Knaps - but hey they've got free cider. Needless to say - we had some classic family moments. I really love those guys.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I Love my Job...

That picture has nothing to do with this post. Except that maybe its also very comical and concerns Starbucks.I am going to tell a little story now, and if you don't find silly people and rants amusing, stop reading now....

Last night, a guy came into our store. He was probably about 19 or 20. He is in a shirt and tie, but kinda scruffy. Nice enough looking though. He comes to the front, and orders a hot chocolate with 1/4 soy and the rest normal milk. I get some weird orders so this wasn't new. I asked him why - he said he was allegric to dairy. So I am thinking - why are you having any? But thats beside the point. Since I am so good at my job, I offer to make him a drink that tastes great with soy. (Tazo Chai). I have to go help another customer but he continues to talk to me. Once again - this has happened before. But I always find it pretty comical. But thats not all...

He eventually sits down but then gets up again - walks back up to the bar and carries on a lengthy discussion with me about how the Chai tastes like Cinnamon. Yes - it is Chai spice friend. The point is - he keeps talking. He would go sit down for like 10 minutes then come back and talk again. But the funny part is - not particularly to me. More so to my 40- year old co-worker. Yikes. Later we see him get up and go to the bathroom, comes back out wearing an entirely black outfit. I guess it was his casual clothes. Well this seems to put him in a good mood. Because he starts snapping one hand to the music. And then one foot. And then before we know it, he is almost full on dancing in his chair. I was just about dying.

After a few more conversations he leaves. But then he comes back! He is standing there for a few minutes - looking like he is building up to say something....but doesnt. He turns and walks out. Then my co-worker goes "shoot, maybe he wanted to use the phone to get a taxi". So, I am not even kidding you, she runs after him. Out in the parking lot she asks him, he says:

"No...I just wanted to say good-bye".

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Does this Look like Me?

Yesterday we threw a suprise birthday party for my mom. She claims she knew because I was being "suspicious", but she didn't know. It was pretty fun times, those adults can get pretty mental. Its quite the expierence to sit in a room full of 50- something ladies as they talk about ex-boyfriends. Yikes, particularly if one of them is your mom. Double Yikes. But ya, it was fun, I did the game (of course) entitled "Deb Bingo" and I think I got some laughs. But the real point of this post is - do you think that picture looks like me? Because about eight of my moms friends said so. And I suppose if I think about it, it might...but I think I assumed that I didnt look like my mom. Your thoughts?

Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Most Ugly Time of the Year...

It's that time of year again. Better Sweater Party the Lodge. It's going to be fun times. If you havent recieved the "Evite" yet and you would like to, let me know. Or if you have and really didn't want to. Well...I guess I am sorry. haha. Nevertheless, the ideas are out there, and I for one have already purchased my sweater. The race is on...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Mr. Donne...

" I suppose I like John Donne...because he validates my existence" - Dr. Barbara Pell.

It might be possible that John Donne lived for one reason: so that literary keeners could sit around and unpack his metaphysical conceits. And I am one of them. They don't make any sense half the time - and I love it! Today, I had the pleasure of studying one of my favourite authors in class. When my prof skipped over my favourite poem, I actually cried "No!" - out loud. Yup, its true. Before you get too concerned, we will cover it next class. And if you are dying of curiosity to know what is..."Valediction: Forbidden Mourning". I heart this poem. I can fairly confidently say its one of my favourites of all time...

For your reading pleasure, a portion:

Our two souls therefore, which are one,
Though I must go, endure not yet
A breach, but an expansion,
Like gold to airy thinness beat.
If they be two, they are two so
As stiff twin compasses are two;
Thy soul, the fix’d foot, makes no show
To move, but doth, if th’ other do.
And though it in the center sit,
Yet, when the other far doth roam,
It leans, and hearkens after it,
And grows erect, as that comes home.
Such wilt thou be to me, who must,
Like th’ other foot, obliquely run;
Thy firmness makes my circle just,
And makes me end where I begun.

What a beautiful "metaphysical conceit".
I bet you will never look at a protractor the same way again.
The reason I study Literature right there.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

For the Love of Darcy....

Tonight I walked into the theatre with mild trepidation and extreme excitment. And I was not dissapointed. I will say that I was sad to not see it with the clan of girls that I expected to attend with. I do think a second viewing might be in order.

Let's start with the great things:
1. Hollywood - now I am not saying that I dont love the BBC and their version, because I do. I am just saying there were quite a few moments that I was glad to see the clever camera angles in this new picture. A few really georgous moments - including Lizzie running the field towards Netherfield to see her distressed sister.Camera work - A+.
2. The Father - while I do think he missed his mark in a few scenes, the final scene where he grants Lizzie his blessing was remarkable. His genuine affection for her and understanding of her love for Darcy - love it.
3. Pemberly - friends, it was presented beautifully. I felt that the majesty of that place was projected in this film to its full extent. That and my favourite room (the hall with the painting and staircase) was featured. I was one happy girl when Pemberly came on the screen.

Not so great:
1. Hollywood - haha. Let's just face it, its true. I like the idea of watching the scenes redone but man there was some cheese.
2. Final scene - I'm sorry - did anyone EVER read a scene in Austen where Lizzie was reffered to as Mrs. Darcy. And the ankle pants - again no thanks. Wish they would have ended it before that, but that brings us back to the intial point - Hollywood.

Overall, truly magical. I have a preeetty good feeling I am going to end up owning it. And watching it about 10 more times. And on that note - since I did not get my act together and get the girls to watch it, I propose one of two things. Either we all go again (despite jenny and I already having seen it) I am up for that. Or....when its on DVD we can rent and compare.

Who's kidding who? I think the theatre again may be a must...but I am talking P & P keeners here. Who's up?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Cp's please...

It's too bad I am not that witty. I stole it. The two lovely ladies of the Gord Downie...

While I should be studying for a midterm tommorow morning that I am totally unprepared for, I choose to post about these amazing women who I will see in no less than three days. Hard to believe but true. My heart leaps up...

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Pumpkin Party...

Where are the pumpkins you ask? Not in this photo thats for sure. In case you didn't get it, thats me as Blue...from Blue's clues. Got it?

Last weekend I attended the best fall party...Shaun Gaynor's pumpkin party. And I actually carved one. I dont think I have carved a pumpkin since I was like ten years old. Geez, isnt it scary how much we all wield around knives when we carve? I thought I might stab myself. Don't worry - I didn't. All in all, fun times were had by all. Lavonne was my date, we got lost. We hung Shaun's teddy by a spiderweb noose. I pretended to be a cartoon dog.

Basically...the stuff dreams are made of.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oh Starbuckles...

Yes I have sold my soul to the corporate machine. And I am ok with it. At least I think am. Do I ever love that place. It's like my 2nd library now - except its open twenty four hours. Thank goodness...

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Before there was "You've got Mail" there was Joe. Did people know about this movie? Because I sure didn't. That is, not until this Saturday. I don't know if I am reccomending it or not, its very odd. But if you enjoy odd things, and the early 90's then it might just be for you. One thing is for sure, this movie is before its time. And be sure to watch the commentary, it might have been the most comical part. "With a title like Joe versus the volcano, one might wonder - who wins?" Well I won't give it away...

Monday, October 17, 2005

I want to invent a language...

I am sold. 100 percent. Do I ever love this stuff. When I was writing my papers, I put it on and a couple of times I just had to stop and reflect on how amazing it was. So I recommend it, even if it sounds too weird and "hipster" for ya. Its actually just truly beautiful. So do it, and then as a bonus, you may be able to talk to Rick about it or something.


I don't know if it is alright to post about this kind of thing..but Spiro did so I think I can.
Here is something that made my day....

I love that kid. From the bottom of my heart....

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Norman Marion Alloway...

Today I spent EIGHT hours in the library. I am serious, that is no exageration. And you know what, kind of made me crazy and happy all at the same time. I realize its a privilege - to be able to study like that. Still though, it is getting difficult for me to form a complete thought. And I am still not why am I blogging you ask? hard to say my friends, hard to say. At this point, I realize this is a completely useless post...but you know what...I am leaving it.

And one more thing...have you recently google image searched anything? If you havent, you should. The RANDOM images that thing pulls up....where do they even come from? Like today when I searched "twu" I got a picture of Margaret Hebron. And then when I did "books" I got a picture of Superman. Go figure. So I recommend it...its funny times...

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving Big Bird...

Its that time of year again. I think I like it because there are fall colours everywhere. And you know...I sure am thankful. I am thankful because I am going to TWU, ane because I sure have some great people around me. So, I hope you enjoy your turkey. And remember...

"Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some." - Charles Dickens

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Twenty One...

I felt pretty good about twenty. I mean I was just back from a Europe trip and England, I felt like I had done a lot. This year...not so much. Anyway, it's true, I am now finally twenty one. I can go wine tasting in California. I think this late birthday thing is going to be great when I am turning 50, and I can laugh at all my friends when they are older than me.
Sorry, I am rambling. For my birthday I went to Catcus Club, had some dinn with the family and I got...
-A Lulu Hoodie! Now I can be just like all those 12-teen trendy girls!
(Don't worry, its not purple)
-Money (from Mom & Dad - so weird, usually get the gift but thats cool)
- Another sweater
-A non-trinity approved item. (figure that out)
My final reflection on birthdays: isn't it strange how when we get older, the only fuss we really get is the one we create? There is no party with hats and your name in glitterly letters. If you want the song, you have to tell somebody. And that is something we all feel pretty silly doing, and egocentric for that matter. I guess one day we won't want anyone to know either. For now, I guess birthdays are what we make them. It was a pretty normal day for me, but a good one....

Monday, September 26, 2005

The Best Season...

I love fall. Makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you all bouquets of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your names and addresses.
For lack of a better post...I celebrate the season.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Three times a bridesmaid...

...never a bride. Let's hope friends that this saying is not true. Because I got asked to be a bridesmaid for a very dear friend. Joanna Epp - my longtime friend asked me to be in her wedding party. I feel very honoured. It's a little strange - kind of the first peer. And yet, I am so excited to be with her in this next big step of her life.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Goodbye Summer....

My new campus.
I think it turned out to be an unexpectedly pleasant summer. From fun adventures, to the start of this silly blog, working at Novacom with the one and only Lavonne Neville, about FOUR capernwray visits, and the finale in San Fran. It was good friends, and now it's back to the books.
And what better place to do it than a new school? Yes, I just can't get enough of new things. So I started Trinity Western University in beautiful Langley, BC. This school has already blown me away. While I am aware that I am still in the honeymoon phase, I am pretty sure this whole expierence has ALREADY beaten Kwantlen University College. They basically help you do everything, from textbooks to Commuter lounges. I already signed on the dotted line, and I am in the "community". I am kind of scared (maybe because THAT word has been grossly overused by the Christian subculture?) and also very excited. I have been a waiting a long time for this.
And I think after this, I will basically never escape from the Christian "circle" even if I wanted to. So far I have seen - 2 christian school friends, 2 white rock people, 1 Kelsey's man, 2 camp people, 2 friends of a friend, and of course the beloved Peace Portalers. Pretty mental, and also fantastic at the same time.
For the final kicker, I went to the Soccer game last night (pun intended). It's official - for the time being:
I am a Trin-keen.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Not just another burger....

Just one photo I forgot. Joanna & I at In and Out Burger. You can tell by the photo that I am pretty keen to be there. Mmmm.....

Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Coffee Mates...

Last weekend, I went to San Fransisco, and these are the ladies I saw. It's actually kind of hard to believe. For five days, I was surrounded by the vibrant, bold, confident and beautiful personalities of women that I love. There was gushing, laughing, talking...all of it. I think the whole weekend is probably summed up in a quote by Aimee Fagent (caution: this is not verbatim)

"I know that when I meet up with these girls, I am going to laugh my hardest and cry my hardest"
We did both - and it was incredible. I am so glad I know these women.
Laugh it up....

I promise you -thats a plant behind my head. And yes we do look amazing.
An Irish pub, with live music and some guiness. Uh huh. That all happened.

Steph and I are so good at these shots.

Goodbye in Sbux - how fitting.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Light Conversation....

Today I bid farewell to the degrading "N" sign forever. Yes, I have not been displaying for the past year. But the point is, I don't HAVE TO anymore. I passed my road test! Yay! And now some small ancedotes about the expierence:

- There we are starting my test, of course I am nervous and the exmainer (a French-Italian who moved to Canada...ya I know...awesome) tells me to pull over the car. He says "you have been driving for four years, so I know you can do it, but you are just nervous - would some "light conversation" help you?". Yes, he actually said that. And yes, we did have light conversation for the rest of test. "Where do you work?" "Do you live at home?" and the kicker "How do you feel about our neighbours to the South". And he sure had an opnion on that one. So we get back to ICBC, and I am SURE that he had given up on me passing, and had decided that he might has well have a nice conversation. Thank goodness I was wrong. Don't let anyone tell you that conversational skills don't come in handy.

- After we had already left the car and starting walking into the ICBC building, he stops me and says "Be careful with your wide turns". And he proceeds to tell me that once a student of his made a wide turn, panicked and drove into oncoming traffic - and he almost died. Some slick guy outside was listening and having a smoke. He aksed me if I passed, and inside proceeded to hit on me. Who goes to the DMV to hit on girls? This guy.

- And finally - when I went to go get my picture, my French/Italian asks me if I want a new photo. Of course, I say yes (half the reason why a person GOES to renew their liscence). He says he thinks mine is ok. He proceeds to ask the hot examiner, who looks at my picture, looks up at me. "Solid" - thats all he said, and walked away.

That's all folks - hope you enjoyed my surburban tale of the DMV.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Do you agree?

'"Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" - Tennyson.

My expierence is so limited and that makes it hard for me to say. Which my friends - is why I am interested to know what you think, and maybe even why you think it - if you might be so brave. And yes - its a silly blog - so you may not want to bare your soul - but something to think about anyway.

The conculsion I think I came to was this:

I hate the image of the man in his cabin alone, letting the world pass him by. Granted, he might be happy, in the sense that he has found contentment within himself and his surroudings. But I think love, even platonic love, takes us outside of ourselves. And yes it hurts, and I don't even begin to know what that means. Yet even when it hurts the most, I get this feeling that I just wouldn't be whole without it.

There you go, with my inadequate thoughts now on screen, you can veeery easily outdo me...come on!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Lights will Guide you Home...

:White River Ampitheatre/Auburn Washington/August 16.05:

No I did not take this photo, and yes he is a superstar.
A little screen action - kind of lame photo - kind of cool. You decide.
Not to be outdone by the superstar....

On Tuesday night, Megan Howie & I took a trip down to Auburn Washington and took in a concert that I have been waiting a long time to see. A little band I like to call...Coldplay. Definitly up there for one of the best concerts I have been to. I loved the outdoors thing - seeing the open air around you while listening to this incredible music. Of course Chris Martin was a speck - but they had all kinds of great shots of him on the screen. Kudos to Coldplay techy guys - it looked really good. They busted out "Fix you" at the very end - annnnd I probably would have paid just to see that. I feel blessed beyond belief - to be able to see two of your top five bands in concert in one summer - thats happines my friends.

Thursday, August 11, 2005


"We may not be Dairy Queen, but we sure have great Sundays" -
Actual Church Billboard.

Enough Said.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Now for something completely different....

If you are expecting any kind of insightful post, stop reading now. But if you enjoy a random story - keep reading.

When I was in grade 8, my crazy friend Laura thought it would be funny to smile and wave at a shy kid in a grade lower than us - just to make him embarassed. Upon later reflection - this may have been more mean than funny - but hey we were in grade 8. Anyway, we always waved at this boy called Shaun, and he would get all agitated and embarassed. So success for us basically.

So what's funny about that story? Besides the fact that I was a potentially mean kid in my younger days? Last summer, while working at the ol' Sbux, I notice that a regular customer looks veeery familiar. And for the life of me I can't figure out why. Then it dawns on me - It's Shaun! So one day - on a secret stealth mission, I walk past the insurance company where he works and read his nameplate. Yup - it sure is. Small weird world my friends. Anyway - I think we are friends now, he came in this week and we chatted it up. Mental.

Laura & I taking a cheesy photo with Shaun. Before all the jokes start....I was in grade 8, give me a break!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ocean of Words...

I bought a Moleskine journal. And I am pretty excited about it. I have been wanting to purchase this journal for a long time.

"For two centuries now Moleskine has been the legendary notebook of European artists and intellectuals, from Van Gogh to Henri Matisse, to Pablo Picasso....and Ernest Hemmingway."

You know, I realize that it is all selling technique, but I feel more artistic just for owning one. Yikes. Honestly, its' great because I can carry it in my bag, and just start writing anywhere. Which I have already done. And it turns out - Moleskine has a following. People using them to travel the world, pass them around, and record ideas. There is even a blog dedicated to it. I love that I get to be a part of that. Cheesy but true.

The title of my first reflection: "How Teachers Make Children Hate Reading". I read a great article about it. I am guessing no one is truly interested, so I wont write about it on here. But if you are - lets talk about it sometime.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

I heart Kelowna...

Here is something I love about summer. On tuesday you can decide that a weekend in Kelowna would be nice. And if you have really great friends (in this case one C.Santos & L. Neville) it can actually happen. So we took a little trip. On the road I heard some very wise words from Crista about contentment & happiness. Isn't it interesting how there is always something we could be discontent about? No matter what our stage in life. So I think the trick is, love where you are at. Each stage has difficult things, but usually there are some good things too. And you will probably miss them when they are gone. (I know I do.) Easy to say - hard to do. But all in all, a fantastic weekend.

A classic driving shot.
I love the's true.
My dad dancing to Elvis. It doesn't get much better than that!
Put on your shades for that one - just a little white!

The phantom did us proud. Even on the SEVEN AND A HALF HOUR trip home. Yes you heard me right. I will say it once, and I will say it again - I am NOT a #1 highway fan! We took the #7 highway, and by highway they mean "major road" through aggasiz and mission. Yikes.