Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 18 in "30 Days of Blogging"

Day 18: plans/ goals/ dreams you have

That is a pretty vague assignment right there. I think I am going to match the vague assignment with a vague answer:

I'm a little unsure of the plans these days.

Not the plans about how I want to live, or what kind of wife/family member/friend I want to be. Those goals are always very clear to me.

The thing is, I've always been a planner. I made plans leading up to university to get there. I made plans when I was in university for what was after. I made plans about teaching. Now I'm not really sure what plans to make.

I feel like I need to sign up for some more courses, do some more training, get myself onto another path. But luckily my husband slows me down a little sometimes, and asks me to stop for a little while before I rush into my third degree (yikes).

I'm not sure how long this season will last - this one without trying to make a million plans. But I am going to attempt to rest in it for a while.


theRachel said...

Have I missed something? Are you no longer doing any teaching, Sharelle?

afterthoughtcomposer said...

You know, I’m really not very good at planning ahead. Perhaps you & I should hang out more, maybe I’ll slow you down and you’ll speed me up!