Monday, August 28, 2006

....everyone pretend to be normal....

So picture this with me. Matt and I are in the US of A, and we decide we are going to find a theatre playing this movie. So I pick up "The Whatcom News" and we discover a gem: The Pickford Cinema. Here we have Bellingham's only independent cinema. The only word to describe it is character. The single theatre was clearly crafted by one mans bare hands: velvet cloth staple gunned to the walls, retro-theatre seats, a tiny concession stand operated by the women in the family. Then when the movie started, the laughs just filled the room - because it was so small you see. It made me realize, I hate monstrosities like Colossus Langley, and I absolutely love this. It honestly made me want to go see every independent film there.

In this context, we saw this wonderful film. I can safely say that I loved it, and would watch it again this week if I had the time. One warning: the humor is a little dark, not your average comedic fair. Just perfect though: awkward family dynamics - the crazy grandpa, the innocent girl, the emo-teenaged boy, the super keen father. A family on the verge of a breakdown.

A perfect blend: sometimes so funny that I couldnt even control my laughter. Other times, insightful, in a non-hollywood sugar coated sense. Just wisdom, the way we would actually speak it. So my advice is: if you liked Garden State, or movies of that lore, please go see this movie, its just great.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Failure to Photograph....

So I just looked at my last post and realized that I have not blogged for an entire week. The thing is, I really do have legitimate reasons. Wow, its like I am tied to this blog or something. Anyway, this past week a lot of stuff went down:

....Bard on the Beach....
I think I might have already beaten that one to death.

....Aimee Fagent Visit....
Yes you heard me right. My dear friend from California was "up north" and I had a wonderful Wednesday visit with her. I don't know what it is, but every time I see Capernwray people the world just seems better, more livable. We had a very British day including afternoon tea, a bookstore, a sea side walk, a telephone booth and a fish and chips pub dinner. Just perfect.

.....Wedding Festivities....
Starting Thursday onwards, I had the wonderful pleasure of being in Joanna Epp’s wedding party. Her other two bridesmaids were her bible school girls which was just awesome. I got to join in all their jokes and fun all weekend. We laughed a lot and enjoyed ourselves. Just like everything else with Jo, it felt simple, relaxed and comfortable. The wedding was in a garden, we had bright pink bridesmaid dresses, and they served latte’s. So once again, pretty much perfect.
Probably the only sad thing about all of these things is that my photos were taken on a disposable camera, and I am not technologically savvy enough to figure out how to scan them onto my computer. You’re thinking “disposables suck” and you are right, they sure do, but mine was Black and White. Did you even know that existed? I didn’t and neither did the cashier at Hagen’s. He was pretty excited. Point of the story – pictures are on their way. Do not worry…because I am sure you were very worried.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Passion on the stage...

Hence shall we see/
If power change purpose/
what our seemers be"
- Duke Vincentio
So last night I had the amazing pleasure of watching "Measure for Measure" at Bard on the Beach. Sometimes I forget how much I love this stuff, until I attend one of these events. Here we have the public, taking in Shakespeare on the backdrop of our beautiful city. With my life's passion on stage, I can't really help but be keen. But yesterday, there some wonderful surprises:

1. Dr Holly Nelson -
so pre-performance I am outside listening to the play introduction and I see one my despised professors across from me. So I am busy trying to avert my eyes, when I notice, that she is actually standing next to my favorite professor Holly Nelson. The craziest part is that Holly was my Shakespeare prof, and actually taught me Measure for Measure. I absolutely loved her challenging theories and passion. Its a large case of "I want to be you". To see her there was just perfect. Of course like a true keener, I went to chat with her a little, in the process scoring major academic points I hope. haha. A little bit of a dream sequence though - to have the one you dislike the most with the one you love the most. Random. I must say, it made me dislike the other prof a whole lot less, when I realized they must be friends.
2. Chatterbox Tuesdays - So I only remembered after already being there, that on Tuesdays, post performance, the actors and actresses come from and discuss the play with you! This was the most amazing thing. It was like the public was engaging in an upper level English class. Random people would pose questions about the interpretation of characters and meaning - including my friends! Then the actors would tell you who they believed their characters to be. Of course, as aforementioned, I was in a large state of keeness, so I posed a question, and even interjected at one point when I disagreed with a fellow patron. I know, I 'm crazy.
3. The Setting - The play was set in pre-war Europe in the 1930's. The characters had a sort of Nazi persuasion. It was very fitting, and made the rigid moral framework seem appropriate. There was an interesting blend of drama, history and literature. So basically right up my alley.

So, this is one of those exercises where keeping your expectations low might be a good thing, I was disappointed that Matt could not come, that this was a mental week, and just thinking I might bail on the whole idea. Then I go, and it was better than I could have imagined. It’s a pretty amazing thing, to feel and know your own passion. I am aware that is a gift, and I treasure it, especially on nights like that.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Weekend of the Ladies....

This weekend I took a long overdue trip with the White Rock girls to the Drewlo trailer in Kelowna. There were lots of laughs and good times.
These 3 rules were set in place:

1. No drama.
2. Eat like Kings
3.Limited Boyfriend talk.

Well hey, at least some of them were followed. The punishment was a toothbrush out the window. Suprsingly, although I insituted said rules, my toothrbush did in fact go out the window...into the dirt...with my entire bathroom bag. I swear the conversation was important and fit the "time and place" criterion.

Being with this girls and reliving the many years of friendship was wonderful. Although it becomes abundantly clear as we grow older how much we have all changed, it is amazing to see how we have grown. Its a pretty great thing to be with so many girls that you love at one time. To me these women remind of the wonderful years of past, but also make me think, smile and enjoy the moment. That, and they really good looking. This my friends is a pretty killer combination.

So we begin withe indignant Lana Jones."What!?!?! you have never heard that band? What is wrong with you!"

The Ladies of the Lake....

Revealing far too much skin for Brenda's liking.

"Hi my name is Brenda, and I often contort my face"

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A White Peach Bellini and Mandy. Does it get any better than that?

Yes, we are sexy, except me, who kind of just looks scared. Something to work on.

Ready to frame by your bedside.
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Who are those two good looking girls?

If you think this photo was posed, you are wrong. Gina really just IS that graceful.

I like to call this one "the reflection of beauty".

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

To Africa....

Today was quite the day. This afternoon, Lindsay was in a T-Bone accident with Brandon's car. This being the very same day, they are leaving for Africa. So needless to say, the whole thing was very stressful. Thankfully, Lindsay is ok for the most part. However, she will probably be in significant muscle pain while she is away.

So this is a simple request. Please pray for my brother and his wife. This is going to be a very big trip for them, giving of themselves and learning. I don't do this very often, send out the massive invitation to prayer, but under the circumstances, I figured they could really use it.

.....Safety, Health, Growth, Grace.....

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