Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 23 in "30 Days of Blogging"

Day 23: something you crave a lot

Okay, so maybe I have failed here. It hasn't really been 30 consecutive days exactly. I was hoping to finish within the month, but it looks like we'll be a few days over. It should have been pretty easy to keep it up on vacation, but it turns out blogging isn't really the top priority when the beach is a few feet away :) But alas, now I am back in snowy/rainy Vancouver and I'm going to finish this thing off!

So when I asked Matt what he thought I should write, he immediately responded: "company". As in, I always crave the presence of other people. This was an excellent answer, and very true. I am rarely able to spend 4 or more consecutive hours alone without needing some human contact. But I sort of already went into that in the last post, so we'll leave it there.

So then I started thinking of food, and while I might have chosen chocolate a few years ago, that craving comes and goes now. I think the most consistent food craving I have is: butter chicken.

This is actually quite a shocking conclusion for me. As a kid (and maybe even now), I was what most people would consider a pretty picky eater. I ate from a very limited menu. The thought of eating Indian food was way out there for me. Then one day, Matt got a gift certificate to Vij's downtown, so I went with him. I tried it, and was blown away. True - I started with the best, but after that I wanted more. I know Butter Chicken is pretty much the most basic you can get, but I love it.

We have a delicious local place (Ashoka Indian Cuisine), so I try to hold off as long as possible before I have to go pick up some delicious butter chicken and naan. Mmm. It's a good thing it's 11 pm right now, or I'd be driving there right now.

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