Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Once Upon a Time Magic....

From left - Jiminy & Geppetto / Dr Whale  aka David Anders / Storybrooke Town Hall with LVD / Me + Car / Josh Dallas / Henry + Book) 
Click on it to see it bigger!

So today "Once Upon a Time" was filming in Ft. Langley. I had missed them filming there other times and totally regretted it when I was watching the episode. 

I got there, saw all the sets and was pretty excited. We were taking pictures with everything - including the flipped car (and yes, I see the irony, considering my own car once looked like that). It was crazy to see it all unfolding in front of you and wonder what it meant to the next episode and the story as a whole.

And then the fairy tale came to life and they started filming scenes. Prince Charming! Henry with his book, Dr Whale (David Anders of "Julian Sark" Alias fame), Jiminy Cricket & Geppetto. It was truly magical. We couldn't stop gasping. Geppetto even waved at us. It was hard to take it all at once. 

There were two girls that were there since 9 am. I'd like to say I thought they were crazy, but truth is, sometimes it's fun to get that excited about something. Chances I'll be "set-hunting" in the future? Pretty high I'd say.  

To see the professional photos (not taken frantically on my iphone) check out #yvrshoots photos.