Friday, December 23, 2005

From our Sweaters to Yours...

The winners of the Better Sweater 2005 - the happy couple: Geoff & Lavonne, unmodified and modified respectively.
A picture of Nevs at the lodge - simply because its funny.
My decorator extradonaire - Jenny Beevers - holding the Mallard, while I cradle Billy Bass the singing Christmas wall hanging.
This odd photo simply to show the glory of Shaun's 5 dollar sweater - yes it was made entirely of 5 dollar bills.
So there you have it, Better Sweater 2005 is officially wrapped up. The turn out was smaller, but it was good company and thats key. I started early with Jenny and she painted the amazing log cabin decor you can see in the photos. Special thanks to Montanas cookhouse for providing the lodge paraphenalia: antlers, ski poles and snow shoes. I think my co-host also deserves some recognition for his decorating talent. Who knew antlers, some garland and a plaid blanket could look that classy?
This year there were two categories, modified and unmodified. It was time to give a chance to those who got those amazing sweaters as is, yet to everyones alarm, the modification king himself Stewart, cleaned up. The winners:
Geoff Stewart: Unmodified - Santa playing golf with elves as caddies, PC factor: he was Black.
Lavonne Neville: Modified - A reindeer made of felt, with light up antlers, constructed at my house the evening prior.
Shaun Gaynor: Honorable Mention- This is actually way more than an hon. met. - I really do think this guy deserved a prize. In fact I think my mom may give him one. As seen in the photo, the 5 dollar sweater. Guess how much money the sweater was in total?


Kathryn said...

Love it.

Anonymous said...

That girl is the second picture is HOT!

Margaret said...

Awe, looks like you had a great time, wish I could have been there. Next year... maybe...

Lynn said...

I cannot believe the great fake log-cabin! Looks like the best sweater party ever! You White Rock kids are too cool :)