Friday, November 04, 2005

The Pumpkin Party...

Where are the pumpkins you ask? Not in this photo thats for sure. In case you didn't get it, thats me as Blue...from Blue's clues. Got it?

Last weekend I attended the best fall party...Shaun Gaynor's pumpkin party. And I actually carved one. I dont think I have carved a pumpkin since I was like ten years old. Geez, isnt it scary how much we all wield around knives when we carve? I thought I might stab myself. Don't worry - I didn't. All in all, fun times were had by all. Lavonne was my date, we got lost. We hung Shaun's teddy by a spiderweb noose. I pretended to be a cartoon dog.

Basically...the stuff dreams are made of.


Anonymous said...

Drewlo, I won't are one hot date!

Kristina said...

i was surfing the blogspot scene and found this blog that might be of interest to you.
she sounds like a bit of a literature fanatic.
(just your type.)

can't wait to see you kid!