Saturday, July 30, 2005

I heart Kelowna...

Here is something I love about summer. On tuesday you can decide that a weekend in Kelowna would be nice. And if you have really great friends (in this case one C.Santos & L. Neville) it can actually happen. So we took a little trip. On the road I heard some very wise words from Crista about contentment & happiness. Isn't it interesting how there is always something we could be discontent about? No matter what our stage in life. So I think the trick is, love where you are at. Each stage has difficult things, but usually there are some good things too. And you will probably miss them when they are gone. (I know I do.) Easy to say - hard to do. But all in all, a fantastic weekend.

A classic driving shot.
I love the's true.
My dad dancing to Elvis. It doesn't get much better than that!
Put on your shades for that one - just a little white!

The phantom did us proud. Even on the SEVEN AND A HALF HOUR trip home. Yes you heard me right. I will say it once, and I will say it again - I am NOT a #1 highway fan! We took the #7 highway, and by highway they mean "major road" through aggasiz and mission. Yikes.


the tapered pant said...

who's kidding who here kid. drive yourself out to a little place i like to call winnipeg. when are you coming??

Scott Neufeld said...

Oh man, would I ever love to see your Dad dancing to Elvis. How much money would I pay for that. At least half of whats in my change jar for sure.

Lynn said...

"I love the West Coast" is my new background... beautiful shot. I miss it there so much!