Sunday, December 18, 2005

Stanley Park Christmas Train...

Here we are, at the ol' Christmas train. I was so happy about it, I thought I would slap on a real cheesy smile for that photo. Yikes. Anyway - on Thursday I went to Stanley Park with Megan and Mandy. It was Christmas good times. Megan commented that the whole thing has a real "tourist trap" aura about it. But aren't those the best things? I really enjoyed myself. It was more magical than I even remember it. Call me crazy... but I could almost imagine what it would be like to walk among those lights, with polar bears, snowmen and of course Santa.

For those of you who are not aware. The Christmas train is a tradition in Vancouver where a small train goes around the tracks in a big park with thousands of lights and cheesy christmas cut-outs. I have to say my highlight was the fake skating rink with the "skating" snowmen. One of them had a Canucks jersey on, so for effect, they cut out the christmas music for a second and put on "hockey night in Canada". Yup, very random. And I liked it.

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Kathryn said...

There is a Christmas train that goes through my town every year. This year the Moffats were on it. I couldn't understand why my parents didn't go to see it... (Sarcasm). By the way my ugly Christmas sweater party was smashing, I will be posting pics ASAP. Miss you!