Sunday, December 11, 2005


Here's....Wes! My dad getting into the spirit...

Lindsay was too busy taking photos to be in one. This is the best I got!

Hey! Where am I?

My brother - the Christmas tree keener.

The awful smile. Gotta love it.

Yay! We picked one...finally!

Well today was a very interesting day. First we took family pictures, in Fort Langley. And all wearing Brown sweaters! I know, kinda cheesy. Don't worry those pictures will be posted when they arrive. Sadly, after the pictures we mourned the loss of a friend's family member. Then...we went Christmas tree shopping. Whew! Eventful.

But wow - this tradition. I really love it. When you walk out into the yard and you breathe in that deep rich earthy smell. Mmm...and then you walk around sizing up the trees. "I think this one is that one is higher". "Does it have a solid trunk?" - my dad. Everyone evaluates the tree on a different basis. How interesting is that? We got a tree and I think a solid one! No - we didn't go to the U-chop like some adventurous families do. Only the Art Knaps - but hey they've got free cider. Needless to say - we had some classic family moments. I really love those guys.


Kathryn said...

I love the first pic of your dad. Awesome.

Bonnie said...

I've always do the trees not die after they have been chopped down and are just waiting at the Christmas tree stand to be taken to warm and loving home like your own?