Saturday, November 19, 2005

For the Love of Darcy....

Tonight I walked into the theatre with mild trepidation and extreme excitment. And I was not dissapointed. I will say that I was sad to not see it with the clan of girls that I expected to attend with. I do think a second viewing might be in order.

Let's start with the great things:
1. Hollywood - now I am not saying that I dont love the BBC and their version, because I do. I am just saying there were quite a few moments that I was glad to see the clever camera angles in this new picture. A few really georgous moments - including Lizzie running the field towards Netherfield to see her distressed sister.Camera work - A+.
2. The Father - while I do think he missed his mark in a few scenes, the final scene where he grants Lizzie his blessing was remarkable. His genuine affection for her and understanding of her love for Darcy - love it.
3. Pemberly - friends, it was presented beautifully. I felt that the majesty of that place was projected in this film to its full extent. That and my favourite room (the hall with the painting and staircase) was featured. I was one happy girl when Pemberly came on the screen.

Not so great:
1. Hollywood - haha. Let's just face it, its true. I like the idea of watching the scenes redone but man there was some cheese.
2. Final scene - I'm sorry - did anyone EVER read a scene in Austen where Lizzie was reffered to as Mrs. Darcy. And the ankle pants - again no thanks. Wish they would have ended it before that, but that brings us back to the intial point - Hollywood.

Overall, truly magical. I have a preeetty good feeling I am going to end up owning it. And watching it about 10 more times. And on that note - since I did not get my act together and get the girls to watch it, I propose one of two things. Either we all go again (despite jenny and I already having seen it) I am up for that. Or....when its on DVD we can rent and compare.

Who's kidding who? I think the theatre again may be a must...but I am talking P & P keeners here. Who's up?


Kathryn said...

I saw it by myself :( There are no P & P keeners here except me. Really sad isn't it?

M-How said...

looks like i beat you to it drewlo. saw it last saturday in a packed theatre - sat in the 3rd row with my neck cranked up. loved it. don't know if i made it in that list of girls you were talking about, but i'm down with having a little extravaganza when it comes out on vid. i remember seeing the bbc version for my first time at your house the summer after i first read the book. delightful. some of the best 5+ hours spent watching a movie ever. anyways we should really talk soon not through the internet... about this & other things. love you buddy

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thekate said...

went to pride and prejudice and starbucks last weekend and thought of you lots.
I'm with you all the way on your assessment of p&p. I give it big kudos for realism, much more than any previous version...the dirt, the colors, the (apparent) lack of makeup, etc... all made the whole world of that time period seem a lot more possible and believable. And you're right, camera work was an A+. Good England shots. :-)

Oh, I wanted to tell you that my mom is in the philippines and she went to a starbucks in manila and she wrote to tell me she enjoyed a 'universal minute'...except that there were "jelly frappucinos" on the menu. Other than that, good universal stuff.
Okay, long comment. my love to you, kate.