Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Coffee Mates...

Last weekend, I went to San Fransisco, and these are the ladies I saw. It's actually kind of hard to believe. For five days, I was surrounded by the vibrant, bold, confident and beautiful personalities of women that I love. There was gushing, laughing, talking...all of it. I think the whole weekend is probably summed up in a quote by Aimee Fagent (caution: this is not verbatim)

"I know that when I meet up with these girls, I am going to laugh my hardest and cry my hardest"
We did both - and it was incredible. I am so glad I know these women.
Laugh it up....

I promise you -thats a plant behind my head. And yes we do look amazing.
An Irish pub, with live music and some guiness. Uh huh. That all happened.

Steph and I are so good at these shots.

Goodbye in Sbux - how fitting.


melanie said...

Oh Sharelle,
I am so happy that you got to see those girls, how awesome. It's so weird/cool to me that I look at the pictures of them and I remember each one of them though sometimes I think "wait a second, where and when did I know them?"

It looks like you had a blast, I am so glad.
Hope things are going for you. Take care of yourself, pal!

Anonymous said...

A dream come true...I'm on the "and they say that Poetry is Dead" blog! Seriously. I love it! It look so awesome. It is everything that I dreamed it would be.
Switching are the "mixers" going? Scary.

Anonymous said...

i'll be honest... the night i got home from san fran i got on here and i think i read the entire blog! how often do you find a discussion about love and loss in the same place as pictures of lois and clark? not to mention pictures of chris martin, moleskine journals, starbucks...awesome, sharelle, i love it!