Friday, September 02, 2005

Light Conversation....

Today I bid farewell to the degrading "N" sign forever. Yes, I have not been displaying for the past year. But the point is, I don't HAVE TO anymore. I passed my road test! Yay! And now some small ancedotes about the expierence:

- There we are starting my test, of course I am nervous and the exmainer (a French-Italian who moved to Canada...ya I know...awesome) tells me to pull over the car. He says "you have been driving for four years, so I know you can do it, but you are just nervous - would some "light conversation" help you?". Yes, he actually said that. And yes, we did have light conversation for the rest of test. "Where do you work?" "Do you live at home?" and the kicker "How do you feel about our neighbours to the South". And he sure had an opnion on that one. So we get back to ICBC, and I am SURE that he had given up on me passing, and had decided that he might has well have a nice conversation. Thank goodness I was wrong. Don't let anyone tell you that conversational skills don't come in handy.

- After we had already left the car and starting walking into the ICBC building, he stops me and says "Be careful with your wide turns". And he proceeds to tell me that once a student of his made a wide turn, panicked and drove into oncoming traffic - and he almost died. Some slick guy outside was listening and having a smoke. He aksed me if I passed, and inside proceeded to hit on me. Who goes to the DMV to hit on girls? This guy.

- And finally - when I went to go get my picture, my French/Italian asks me if I want a new photo. Of course, I say yes (half the reason why a person GOES to renew their liscence). He says he thinks mine is ok. He proceeds to ask the hot examiner, who looks at my picture, looks up at me. "Solid" - thats all he said, and walked away.

That's all folks - hope you enjoyed my surburban tale of the DMV.

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