Sunday, November 26, 2006


Remember that Matt & Nat purse money given to me by Brandon and Lindsay? Well I got the purse, and I am excited. But today, I was so excited to win the auction that I rushed to the computer and waited until the last second. I "won" the auction this afternoon.

Okay, now, 5 hours later, I am on ebay, and the exact same purse is listed for 30 dollars cheaper. Oh no, not 10, not even 20, but 30. I just about want to die. Not even on a bid, but on a "buy it now". The guy is just giving that away. I am just telling myself "oh well you would have paid that in a store". But c'mon how brutal is that. Oh well, I guess we win some and loose some, but MAN do I feel ripped off. At least it was birthday money.

Herein lies the love/hate relationship with ebay.

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T© said...

there's a good chance that was a scam. sooo... if you choose to believe that, it might make you feel better...?