Friday, November 24, 2006

If Ang Can Do It.... can I.
Here I am, a little red haired sleeping child. It's grad yearbook time, so the parents were uploading pictures. Sometimes, its hard to imagine that we were that little. But we were. How do parents even deal with kids growing up? Thats what what I would like to know.


ang said...

Look at your little hands clasped! I hear what you are saying about kids growing up. From the moment we start talking how could they not think that we are monsters.
Every child ends up disagreeing with their parents, and costing them a ton of money. I feel like our cuteness as children is all we have to earn their favor. From then on there is not much appealing about us.

Bec Shulba said...

hmm...what an interesting question. how do parents even deal with their kids growing up? there's good in all stages of life. i guess that's how they deal? i'm not a parent obviously.

Alyssa said...

They deal with it by hoping for grandchildren.

Bonnie said... that your kids can torture you just like you tortured your parents.