Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer...

This weekend I had the rich pleasure of spending time with some England Capernwray girls - affectionatly titled: the CP's. And these women deserve the title, because they are so cool it is hard to believe sometimes. The weekend was filled with moments of art, beauty and life. Honestly, I am shocked they even keep me around. It is amazing to be apart for so long, and to fall back in, like you never left. So for them I am truly blessed. Blessed to have gone to Capernwray, to have met such truly unique women, and to still know them now....well I couldnt ask for more.

The whole team, in a cheesy Starbucks photo.
But who is that on the end?
It's Marcy! We walk into Chapters Langley,
and we run into a fellow Capernwrayer from England.
What are the chances?

Me - either cool or creepy, you decide.

Jamie Spiro - the superstar.
Kristina Janzen - the beautiful

Bonnie Dowling - bringing sexy back.

how emo are we?

it's good to laugh this hard.

These photos are not mine, they are theirs. They know how to work that camera. There needs to be credit where credit is due. Thanks guys.


Bec Shulba said...

what does cp's stand for? or am i missing something really obvious?

Sharelle said...

it stands for cool people.
which sounds really pretentious, but thats not the point.
we pretended for a long time that it standed for Canadian Pride, but thats a blatant lie.
yes, we have dubbed OURSELVES the cool people.
there it is, for the world to see.

the tapered pant said...

can i just say? The "Bonnie Dowling- bringing sexy back" photo looks a little more like a "bringing std's back" as in it's a fricking gross picture.
But kid. thanks for the post. and kid, thanks for coming out. you blessed me more than words can express. is that ironic? juuust call me alanis.

Flip Flops Anonymous said...

Sharelle!! That is TOO weird...I know Marcy!! She went to youth group me at the good ol' Fort Langley E-V Free!! They weren't really IS a small world after all!!

Spiro said...

all five of the cps... wait a sec.

i miss you mel.