Saturday, November 18, 2006

Reasons Why I Love my Starbucks...

1. Sometimes we break things, like this snow man's nose for example. And since we are not a big fan of "the man", we think its pretty funny. Oh, and apparently we need some clarification. WRI is White Rock One. That is the code name for Peninsula Village Starbucks. I think its because we were the first Sbux in White Rock. That would make sense huh? And the Roman numerals, ya I don't really know why that is.

2. I like these people a whole lot - to the point, that I even like hanging out with them in my spare time! Case in point, staff crew at the WAG. Good times Martini night.

3. The Power team - Katie, Sharelle and Ashlee. Picture this, a weirdo comes in. (about every 3rd person) They leave. Then we all look at each other going "what the heck just happened there?". Without them, it would just be weirdos, but with them its funny funny times.

4. Trevor Conkey - come in sometime, and ask him to sing "Me and the Tree are One". I don't know why, but he reallly likes it.

5. Ridicolousness - I don't think thats a word, but it's what goes on. Toilet Paper. Check. Empty roll. Check. "Happy Birthday" Princess Tiara. Check. Good times had by all.

No but seriously, I really do love my Starbucks. I mean, at times its ridicolous, and busy, and customers are crazy. But I couldn't ask for a better minimum wage workplace. Its like people watching all the time, but with funny co-workers who enjoy it. There is nothing worse than a truly random moment, with no one to enjoy it. Okay, maybe there are some things worse, but c'mon that's not fun at all. So there you go, a little snapshot into White Rock I.


ang said...

your hair looks hot!

Bec Shulba said...

wow. can you imagine if i walked into WRI (i don't know what this means) and asked Trevor to sing that song? I would be the weirdo that everyone would be talking about after i left. it's nice to hear someone speak nicely of their Starbucks work environment. i had a friend who worked at starbucks in calgary and spoke very negatively about it. then he dressed up as a starbucks employee with chains around himself and bloody makeup for halloween one year. i'm not sure what the statement was but the story is true.

Anonymous said...

Sharelle I just have to say that it wouldn't be the same with out you!!!! And I could never work at a different location! The power team rocks!
take care

Gina said...

Sharelle, I experienced the universal minute for you yesterday... I didn't get a picture yet. You're completely right though, I felt like I was home. It's decorated for christmas here too! What a weird experience when it is 30 degrees outside