Monday, October 16, 2006

Still Hiking...

Well this past Saturday, I headed out again with TWU for Hiking class. I also had to hand in a hiking project. What could possibly be done for a hiking project you ask? Busywork - lots and lots of busywork. But to be honest, it was good in a way, I researched some hikes and walks that perhaps one day, I might do in the future (wow I dont sound too sure of myself). Anyway, this time we went to Greendrop/Lindeman Lake.
The first stretch was straight up, and I had the sense that I really was not too good at hiking. Then we reached the first lake, and it was so beautiful. I must admit, I was pretty much scared I would die the whole last hike, so I didn't really look around. This time I took it in...just beautiful.

This is the actual color of the was pretty surreal.

I was so shocked and amazed by the beautiful colors everywhere. I am such a lover of fall. Thnakfully, I was with Rebecca who is also a fall lover, and listened to my ramblings about how much I enjoyed it.

Now we come to the part I did not enjoy. There were huge portions of rocks like this, that you had to sort of make your way over.

I realized on this trip, that I don't have a very good directional sense when it comes to hiking. I am fine with maps and all, but on my own, in the woods, I would be a goner. One time, I got to a rocky section by myself, and instead of working my way across (to the trail on the other edge) I just went up. About 15 minutes in, I realized I had to work my way back down, which was quite precarious and very tiring. I always did better when there was someone in front of me determining where the orange markers where. This is where my good friend Bec Shulba came in handy. She got us out of some sticky binds.
It was so good to be with a friend this hike. The good new is, this hike was better than the last. There was a lot of wandering through the forest, which brought back all kinds of wonderful memories of camp and being outside. The next however is called "Chilliwack's version of the Chief" so its straight up, the whole time. So you know, something to look foward to...

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Bec Shulba said...

something to look forward to indeed. i commented to you on my own blog...check it out.