Friday, October 20, 2006

Does the Internet Suck?

Okay, today I was flipping through Macleans Magazine (ya I don't know why either). Anyway, the headliner article was on how and why the internet has devalued, corrupted and killed our society. Now, I realize how ironic it is to be posting this commentary on the internet, on a blog of all things, but I just need to know:

What are your thoughts?

This guy accused blogging as being a forum for "the cult of the amateur....which suggests mistakenly that everyone has something interesting to say". Now beyond the dripping elitism in that remark, does anyone else have any problems with this? I mean, is it idealisitic of me to say, that people writing about their life, their viewpoints and their world is a valuable thing? And sure, this might happen in an online journal. But I pose this question: without a blog, would we write this much? Would we know this much random information about our friends that are far away (or close for that matter)?

And to be fair. I will grant the man some points. Yes, the internet has allowed con artists and perverts of all kinds to run amuck. It is easier for them to find their prey. There is also a ton of garbage on the internet. But, how are these facts any different than anything else in our world? I mean you could go out and buy an important news magazine (like Macleans..haha) or you could go buy People, or the Province? Do you see what I am saying? Its so much more what we choose to read and get sucked into, then it is the actual content provided.

Now sure, there are about 1000 things wrong with the internet. And sure, I am a product of the "internet generation". But I feel like there is merit here, that we are just killing if we don't watch ourselves. There is my gigantic rant. Now what are your thoughts? And feel free to agree with Mr. Steve Maich of Macleans on how the internet is evil.

And hey - maybe if you are bored today, in the ol' checkout line, or at the hairdresser, read some Macleans. As you can see - it got me all riled up...

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Gina said...

Alright Sharelley... no one else has commented... so you've got me. I agree with you that it has been an awesome experience to be able to read some of the blogs of my friends and catch up on their lives... and like you said... get to know intimate details that we might otherwise not know.
However, I also think the internet is bad for our social intelligence. I think people spend way too much time with their internet friends or their friend the internet... than face to face (which is what I obviously prefer).
To be the devil's advocate (ooo... I don't like how that looks written) I might question the journal blogging in one way: If I did not have this opportunity of checking in with your life to see how you are doing... would I pick up the phone more often?