Thursday, October 12, 2006

Has it really been three years?

Now, I know that I just posted about Capernwray, but I'm sorry, I just have to say this:

Last weekend, here in Canada, it was time to be thankful. You know what I'm thankful for - the fact that I had a year at Capernwray. And you know, I am thankful for my life now too: for learning, for relationships, for home. Yet Capernwray will always hold this place in my heart, and I cannot even begin to examine the depths of that. Its just little moments in the day where I realize: that place changed me. I guess not the place so much, but the expierence, the people, the culture, the joy, the peace, the laughter, the growth, the safety. When I think of the moments, I smile and feel at peace. When I think of the faces, I almost want to cry, I just feel that blessed.

And tonight I realized, that I learned to love beauty at Capernwray. I mean sure I had always had an apprecation. But for the first time, I was with people who encouraged me to look around and really see beauty. Sometimes this was in art, music and literature. Yet other times, it was in something totally unexpected, like the light shining behind a tree (that ones for you Janzen). So tonight, as I sit here, I just want to say that I am thankful that I have these things to cherish in my heart. And I am thankful that sometimes, like tonight, I remember the beauty I found and it filters into my heart.


Bonnie said...

Well said.

Kristina said...

you are the one that taught that to me.
I too, miss those purple skied mornings and the Muesli for breakfast. And smoking in the bushes so no one would find us.
Those moments will never be forgotten.