Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Magical Evening....

Who says that you can't picnic after labor day? Well we sure don't. Trust Angela Haugo to pull out the stops and create one of the most magical evenings I have had in a long time. I arrive at Stanley Park and watch the sun dip over the mountain at Ferguson Point. Then the girls arrive with bags of food: specialty cheeses, crackers, crossiants, fruit, salad, tzatziki and pitas. Ang also pulled a Martha: vases light with tall white candles. See what I mean: magical.

So what did I bring? I brought the wine. I know, we are so classy. Don't ask me if I knew which wine to pick, I definitely had to phone Matt three times from the store, but thats beside the point. I did bring the wine.

The evening was wonderful. Women, enjoying one another's company, laughing, talking and taking ridiculous pictures. Could you ask for anything more than that? In the darkness, it felt like we were camping, outside in the (relative) cold. As we left, the moon shone so bright down on us, that it looked like a streetlight. Then, straight from our adventure we drove into the city to be warmed by a coffee at one of the most pretentious and wonderful places in town: Cafe Artigiano. They may have kicked us out, but at that point, I don't think it mattered anymore. Nights like this don't happen very often, but when they do, we must cherish them. And I did.

(Ang said "I'm not going to tell you what to do, just do something...this is what i did...go figure)

Photos Courtesy of Angela Haugo: because I think it's clear, I could never have taken these. You are amazing Ang.


ang said...

thanks for coming, you were a delight.

the tapered pant said...

oh sharelle. I want to share more nights like this with you. And my friend, we have much to talk about. AND i realized YESTERDAY (as I was barfing my mind out) you were in Saskatchewan JUST THIS WEEKEND and i did NOT have my act together and apparantly had it stuck in my mind like a bad song **cough-pussy cat dolls - cough** that you were coming out for November long weekend. Sick. Anyhow, a phone call is in tall order for sooner rather than later. Take care.