Friday, October 13, 2006

Do I look good?

So, I switched to blogger beta.
I think it was a bad move, because my template got all messed up
So, if you are thinking of switching, be careful.
It advertises switching fonts, and then it makes them look awful.
So I just switched all together.
I want to hear some thoughts.
And I also want to know, how are people making their blogs look so good. (Spiro, Kathryn)
Are you creating your own template?
I sure dont know how that is done.
I need some tips. Send them my way.


Okay, this is getting sooo geeky, but now I realized you can go and get templates from other places.
Are people doing this?
So. So. So. Geeky.


Bec Shulba said... comment area too. it does look different and good. like i told you, i also have spent many unsuccessful hours looking for blog templates only to keep the one i have. let me know what you learn.

jordan said...

i am equally inept at the blogging coordination...never let anyone make you feel inferior because of your font...that was my inspirational note for the day, now here is my capernwray memory just for you(since you were just recently walking down the lane o memory)...our outreach group going to the christmas concert(i forget the actual name of the orange-candle thing...christingle? maybe, is that blasphemous?)...all our little kids walking by waving with freakish grins on their face that we actually showed up...i wonder if theri parents thought we were creepy?