Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Study Buddies

You probably think I am kidding.
I am not.
If you need to study,
but sort of like to study with someone else...
then I'm your girl
I might be the geekiest person in the world for having posted this.
I'm alright with that.

I think it is particularly hard for me to realize that summer is over this time around. Mostly because I never really had a summer. I was busy studying Thomas Merton, World War II, and then of course the Dead Sea Scrolls. Now don't get me wrong, I am not whining here. I realize that students are among the extremely priveleged human beings who get summers "off". And off from what you ask? Well yes, not working. So, it seems studying in the summer is not really a hardship at all. But I do sort of feel like summer came and went without me realizing. Doesn't that happen every year though?

So, we go back to the books, for the final year of TWU. I feel a tiny pang of sadness realizing this. Then I remember: I still have PDP and potentially another two years after that. Then I realize, as you all already realized if you are still reading this post, I am a very big geek. hehe.


Bec Shulba said...

i'm looking forward to studying hiking with you.

ang said...

We could study, but we would just end up getting drunk, talking about past and present lovers, and praying for fleet week. Or more likely planning extravegant parties.

Oh P.S. if I do remember correctly, a while back you were bashing tv on bec's blog, but you didn't seem to mind it last night. Every once in awhile we need the medicine, I refuse to judge the addicts.

Sharelle said...

uh oh,
maybe blogging is bad after all..people have permament records of my rants.
in all honesty, i love about 3 shows - sex and the city, gg and greys anatomy.
i'm not hating, we all need a little...hehe.

Sharelle said...

just needed to note; lots of spelling errors in my own post. yikes

christy said...

hey, i want to be your study buddy. if only we lived next door & not in different countries...

Steph B said...

Ethical question. This summer while I was working in Charlotte,North Carolina I noticed that one of the museums in uptown was exhibiting a portion of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Totally stoked, I was so excited to see them. I got on the website to see how much it would cost. I was thinking maybe $4.00 entrance fee to the museum and then maybe $8.00-10.00 to see the scrolls. No, $10.00 entrance fee and a whopping $25.00 exhibit fee!!!!! It wasn't even the whole manuscript just a few sections!!! Needless to say, I didn't go see them. What do you think of this? Would you have paid 30 to see the Scrolls?....and then maybe dropped 15.00 in the gift shop for the "I Saw the Dead Sea Scrolls" t-shirt or journal?