Monday, September 18, 2006

Beware of Cliches....

So, as a student of good old Trinity Western University, I am required to take 3 "Human Kinetics" courses, which is essentially gym class. The whole concept is quite strange I realize. Holistic education or something like that. Anyway, I decided to take hiking. In many ways, it was a good idea, only 4 Saturdays, you know just get it over with.

Then I found myself on Mt. Seymour, on the side of a mountain. So on Saturday, I did a full hike. Now if you are a hiking keener you are thinking "ahh thats a moderate hike". But if you know me at all, you realize, I am seriously not in shape. Needless to say, it was quite a trek

Picture me, staring up at this, realizing I have to climb it....

Yet, I must admit, its true what they say, the view from the top is pretty amazing. That and the immense feeling of self satisfaction.

So I realized then, why the "mountain" and "hiking" analogies have been so grossly overused in speeches, sermons, lectures and so on. When you are up there, it feels like the greatest physical expression of "journey" possible.

I must say, it was much better when I was climbing with someone else, even if I didnt know them at all, then it was to be scaling those rock faces on my own. I promise I won't beat the analogy to death anymore, just saying I noticed something I would use, if I liked cliches. The other thing to remember is, most people you are talking to cannot actually relate to this whole hiking idea, as they are far from actually going on one themselves.

As for me, I unexpectly understood all these well worn analogies on a fine Saturday morning.

My legs however, are not thanking me.


the tapered pant said...

ohhhhh the unexpected hike. Or rather the ignorant hiker...i know these only too well.

thekate said...

hiya Sharelle... i just wanted to let you know that looking over your blog tonight is helping to restore some joy to my spirit, reminding me that learning can make the world more bright and beautiful to the eyes, rather than darker and more confusing. It's been that kind of study day. The abyss kind. So thank you, Sharelle, for your wisdom and your joy. It's rubbing off.

Kristina said...

When you started talking about Christian cliches, i was sort of hoping for the Eagle analogy to appear on here. Maybe next time?

Anonymous said...

Trinity Western University. A high quality Christian liberal arts experience.

Sharelle said...

i feel a large case of confusion about my anonymous poster, that seems to like to bolster up the "go to TWU" campaign.
are there people that do this? is this their job?
or is it simply my pesky anon. poster?
i am thinking its the latter.
well i guess welcome back pesky poster.