Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Single Serving Friend...

On Sunday, I had a wonderful day with Matthew and we headed downtown. In an effort to use all the entertainment coupons before they expire, we decided to go for the gold. So we chose Kobe. It's the one where the chefs cook right in front of you. Our chef was named "Kevin", and he was an entertainer. He made some big fires, stacked some onions, flipped his...umm flipper? I don't know what they call those things. He also had a lot of jokes. Gotta say I wasn't expecting jokes.

Anyway, they seat you around this sort of semi-circle table that surrounds the grill. So if you on are a date for two, you suddenly are not. Its you and 5 random other strangers. At first, I thought this might be a little odd, but then we met Brian. Matt aptly named him a wonderful "single serving friend". This guy was just great, biting wit and understated jokes. We had a fairly thorough discussion about the difference between cynicism and pessimism (yup, cracking open that can of worms). I explained how my education profs are very anti sacrasm. It went like this:

"My education proffessor said that sarcasm was just anger in a clown suit".

Our new friend Brian:
"Whatever - happiness is just depression in a clown suit".

Oh man, that just killed me.


Lana said...

I like people like Brian - the sassy, witty comebacks warm me with glee. Plus sometimes I think people sometimes deserve to have their words shoved back in their face (and I can say that because I have a big mouth). Thanks for the little story Sharelle.

Alyssa said...

Best quote of the week right there from Lana... "Some people deserve to have their words shoved back in their face"! Oh man.

Kristina said...

Brian: my kind of guy.

rachel s. said...

so, this brian guy...did you get his number? will you be seeing him again?

Bec Shulba said...

no way! i just posted about entertainment book coupons before i read this. you definitely go more upscale then me. haha.

Sharelle said...

i don't know, but last time i checked, it wasnt exactly kosher to be getting guys numbers while on a date.
what i do wish is that i gave brian my blog address.
he's got a fan base.