Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's true: another post about school.

"What year are you in now?"

"Fourth year"

"Wow, that must feel good..just about done"

My response to this conversation I have had about 30 times in the last week is no, no it does not "feel good".

It feels overwhelming. It feels like all the classes I avoided doing for 3 years are now coming to haunt me. I have no idea how they will be completed by Spring. It feels like I actually need to "pull up my socks" and think seriously about how I plan on teaching 18 year olds when I am only 25. It means that I have to leave a place, where everyday I walk out of at least one class thinking "I was made for this".

So, contrary to the popular opnion that all fourth years are itching to get on with the rest of their lives, I am not. Maybe I will be in 9 months. Yet honestly, there is so much more work to be done, from prepping for PDP, to actually doing PDP, to hopefully one day doing even further studies. So theres my rant. Its probably good I wrote this all down, because come April, I bet just like everyone else around me I will be saying...

" sure feels good to be done...."

We will only have just begun.

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