Friday, September 08, 2006

Can I just say...

....that I love learning.

I love that studying medieval monks can you teach you about modern Christianity. I love that most early English Literature was written to reflect the glory of our creator.

I love that scholarship can be worship.

The day I realized this was just monumental. It meant, that this desire to learn, to know, to understand is not created by me, but by God. People will say many things about Trinity Western, but one thing I will say, is that the school taught me to see academia in a whole new way.

Have I mentioned that I love school? I love the atmosphere that is ripe for discussion at any given moment. I love the intellectual insight that comes not only from proffessors, but from the person sitting next to you at the BBQ. Its amazing to find a place, where you don't feel like the English keener, but you just feel right, like this is an important thing to care about. It's safe to say, I will miss it when its over. So for now, I plan on really enjoying it.

(I think I will probably have to re-read this post during midterms and paper weeks...just for a little well...perspective)


Kiki said...

Sharelle- your love of learning makes my heart leap up within me. i was at trinity yesterday- oh my, WHAT A GREAT PLACE! they should pay me commission for the keener i have become and the hearts i have turned to this place. i am glad to once again have found a kindred spirit in you.
let's do lunch.

ang said...

study buddy question of the week: define literature