Saturday, February 18, 2006

Nostalgia & Teaching...

Yesterday, I had an amazing day. I spent it at Surrey Christian Middle School for a one day TWU Education observation. By the time the day was done, I was wishing it could be more than one day. It's a strange feeling to be back at your middle school, see your picture on the wall and realize how far you have come. And yet, kind of beautiful at the same time.

During the day I sat in classrooms, wrote notes about how they taught, drew the layout of their classrooms (best part, because I would mark down "random Micheal Jordan Poster" and the like). I found it fascinating how different teachers can run a classroom with such diverse methods and yet still be effective. On the breaks, we sat in the staff room - which was pretty surreal. I was such a keener, that I even ran the hot lunch. (Picture me, carrying huge bags of Pizza to classrooms...yikes)

The current principal (Jon Bron) was my grade seven teacher, so he pretty much made fun of me all day. I realized that I have a great deal of nostalgia attached to that place, and fond memories. I am so thankful that places in my heart also still exist in the real world. It's as great of a school as it used to be. Probably the best legacy of me in that place - I made in onto the school brochure - steering a sailing boat! Ay, ay captain.

All in all, a fantastic day - and it made me realize: I just might be able to do to this. The teachers were so young, fun and had a great sense of humor. I hope I work in a school like that one day.


Bec Shulba said...

hey - so last night my friend kara was over and telling me about how there were all these TWU students at SC Middle yesterday and they were given no warning about it. haha. did you see mrs. bisschop in gr. 5? she was one of my bridesmaids. or mr. nagtegal in gr. 8? danny nagtegal was in my pdp and he's hilarious. glad you liked it. you should come out to agassiz sometime on your spring break for a day if you want. i could put you to work. :)

Kathryn said...

Love you.

Kristina said...

drewlo, the thing i love about you is that i see so much of you in the movies about really influencial teachers.
for example:
Robin Williams -Dead Poets Society
Robin Williams -Good Will Hunting
okay, so i really only have two examples. but they are good ones.
you're just great.