Wednesday, February 08, 2006


On the heels of the last post, I thought I should post this:

Today I went looking through an adbusters magazine for philosophy class. Man, that magazine is incredible. The imagery used to prove a point, to show you something. The one I looked at was called "look right" and all about how consumerism is basically taking over the world. And over and over people in it were asking the question: is this all making us happy? or are we just lonelier than we have ever been? Don't get me wrong - I am sucker for the corporate machine just as much as the next guy. I work for Starbucks after all. Yet, I wonder - will I give myself over to all of this consumerism?

I was left with this question:

“What remains of our capacity to reinvent the world?"


Kristina said...

Adbusters is an interesting magazine, and you bring up a good question.
i would like to say this about Adbusters:
although i enjoy reading the magazine now and then, i find it ironic that they are promoting anti-consumerism, yet continue to push people to be attracted to BUY their magazine and spend money doing so. as well, the style their magazine takes is one that continues to push this anti-establishment style of dress, and if you've ever been into a store that sells the kind of merchandise that readers of this magazine wear, its ridiculously overspriced. i mean ridiculously.
I think Adbusters has many intersting ideas, and brings up many unspoken issues, but there seems to be no way of really having a consistent message to its readers.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of corporations....if Starbux's awarded say $100.00 dollars to every employee that convinces an individual to apply for employment at Starbux's...then Drewlo would have $300.00 extra dollars in her pocket...1=Aimee, 2=Christy, 3=Steph Belt!!! I get my green apron on Monday!
Love ya a latte! (I'm going to say that to customers, I promise!)
Steph Belt

Bec Shulba said...

"will i give myself over to all this consumerism?"...don't you think we have? look at where we're living, and driving, and eating, and reading, and drinking. look in your closet or where you keep your shoes. tim and i can't believe there are only two people living in our house with the amount of shoes that we have sitting aorund. or is that not "giving yourself over"? i am asking for more of a definition of "giving yourself over".

Bec Shulba said...

i've made peace with it.

Sharelle said...

yes, bec you are right.
like i said, i am a sucker for the corporate machine just as much as the next guy. i suppose the question should be:

am i okay with that fact - that we have ALL given ourselves over to consumerism?

theres the teacher in you, checking my statements. good on ya:)

Bec Shulba said...

i love that you comment on your blog to those who have made comments. it makes me want to comment more. :)