Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I heart Target...

For all of you Americans - you can just stop reading now. I mean you can read, but this is a silly Canadian getting excited about a fairly "average" store for you guys. Or if you are expecting something deep, also stop reading now.

Target. Oh the joy! There I was on Sunday, having some lunch with my pro shopper Stefanie Fraser and she is telling me about the Crystal Light flavors at Target. So did I go home and watch the superbowl? (no, c'mon I'm not an American) Did I go do my homework? Nope, you guessed it. I went to Target. It kind of is materialism gone mad for me, but I love the silly little things we can't buy in Canada. Like Diet Cherry Coke. Check! And Orbit gum. Check! And nice tank tops for below 20 bucks. Check! And Kit Kat Milkshake (what the??) I was a happy girl.

So yes, I am very proud to be a Canadian. But also happy that I have the ability to cross that border and buy some goods that only sell to the mass market of the USA. Its' a good life. With this in mind, I will go reflect on my Moral Issues and Ethics class topic: Consumerism taking over society.


Bonnie said...

I know how you feel! And I don't even live close enough to the border to make a Target run! But you know, we do have things that they don't. Like coffee crisps and crunchies! Yum!

Anonymous said...

You and I would be dangerous at Target together... I was a fan of their cheap bras. Too much information?

Kathryn said...

Oh and that last post was from me, apparently I am incapable of commenting this evening (I messed up on Spiro's blog too...)

Kristina said...

i know what you mean.
Target, Ross (Dress for Less), even Wal Mart...great stores...and so cheap!
as a poor student, it's difficult to avoid places like these.
and YES, our society is overly concerned with spending.
but how can one be consistent in their views on consumerism when they are in fact, too poor to buy their groceries from family owned and operated markets, and buy clothes that are all made in Canada or the US?
look inside your labels.
its depressing to think of where our clothes really come from.
so what can we do?