Thursday, February 23, 2006

"I thought it was from God"

I just watched the movie "Millions" with Megan and Heather. This is a great thing for a couple reasons. One, I got to see Megan and Heather. I sure love those girls. There is something about long time friends that makes you realize that life is good. I mean here we are, years away from the days were we all dressed the same. But, we can still talk about where life has brought us. Thats pretty incredible.

Two - that was a pretty great movie. For one, the filmography was great. I honestly felt like a little kid for a few minutes. The kid in the movie is obsessed with Patron saints, so they appear to him and so they just have a chat. I thought that was pretty great. Suprsingly, some real "ethical" issues were tackled: what would you do if 230,000 pounds landed on your doorstep? And the kid was British, so that pretty much capped it. My heart yearned to go back and see those row houses, with kids running about in uniforms speaking with those ridicoulous accents.

"Sometimes things are there, and then they just dissapear, like Maltesers in your mouth" - Damian Cunningham (in reference to how everything changes)


Bonnie said...

What a great quote! It's so true.

Kristina said...

thiiiiiiiis post made me miss you a whole lot. your way of describing things is unmatched Sharelle.