Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I love Antique Books...

My limited collection.

When I was in England there was this bookstore near Capernwray where you could buy Jane Austen and Charles Dickens 1912 editions for 3 pounds. That translates to about 7 dollars. I only bought 3 books. I feel like there is something incredibly wrong with me. When I go back (I can say that now!), I am going to buy books, and send them home. Its an obsession really. I look at classics in ordinary bookstores now, and they make me sad. Who wants a paperback when you can have this?

I wasn't going to post an "I love" today, but then I read a comment from my dear friend Christy, who has joined the "I love" revolution. So I thought I better not let Wednesday go by without a post. I snuck in right under the clock. The post time says 11.56 pm. Whew, that was close. And I am the biggest geek ever..


christy said...

pretty freakin brilliant, drewlo. want to buy me some books while you're in england?

thekate said...

Sharelle! I loved that bookstore!!! I wish I'd gotten more there too. Then again, the chocolate-slash-books-budget was rather limited. I bought The Wind in the Willows and Alice in Wonderland there.