Monday, July 17, 2006

A "Social" Week....

I realize that I have not posted for a whole week, but here is why:
I wanted to give you a break after 8,000 posts in a row. Just kidding.

The real reason is, it was a crazy social week. There was literally something planned for every night.

tuesday - "the devil wears prada"

Okay, have you seen this wonderful film? I really enjoyed it. Apparently those who have read the book disagree, but I thought it was great.

Other criticism is that it didn't choose a path. First it made the viewer cheer "makeover!" then suddenly switched to a social commentary on how fashion ruins us. This is a good point. Yet I am still saying that I liked it. Especially that bald guy. He is great. When he constantly referred to her as "six" I just about died. Another interesting thing happened that night - the crappy white rock theatre SOLD OUT! Can we believe this? There was like a line going out the door, this theatre still has cheap tuesdays: 5.25. Anyway, I just could not believe that.

wednesday - pedicures and more

In true Lynn Baril style, she phoned me on Monday informing me that we were going for pedicures. "Umm...ok". It was great. My toe nails are now pink with little flowers on them. Never accuse me of not being girly enough.

Side note: our two esthicians were named "Daffy" and "Bingo". Mine introduced herself and I said "Hi...Bingo". I couldn't decide if I would use the name or not. Lynn just went for it, and basically every time she said "Daffy" I just about died.

Another side note: did you know that most people hate their feet? I decided, I don't. I mean I wouldn't say I like them necessarily but I certainly don't hate them. what about you?

Also - on this same day I: met Laura Neville for coffee, had lunch with Stef Fraser and went and did some Bridesmaid stuff with Joanna. See what I mean - Crazy. *cue Gnarles*

thursday - work

okay, so I am not as social as I would like to think.

friday - "the wedding" - laura and conor.

this was great times, but I feel like it deserves its own post. so once someone posts some pictures, I will do my usual and steal them, then explain the good times to you. this time I promise it will not be an "unfufilled" dream like the bridal shower.

now I ask myself: Did anyone care to know this much about my last week? Maybe not. But alas, this is what the blog is for. there you have it.


Anonymous said...

I guess the lack of comments answers your question.

Bonnie said...

Hey! I'll leave a comment! Just so you don't feel too left out, Sharelle. Kate and I were just saying how weird it is to keep in touch by blogging, when really we just read your blog and feel like we're keeping in touch and you don't even know it. But I love reading about your life and keeping in touch this strange, cyber-like way.

Christie The Mertonless said...

Merton = OFFICIALLY officially over. I actually drove home during my lunch break to get my paper after my Mom called me to inform me that the paper arrived. I won't share my grade via the blogging world as of yet, but let's just say there is no failing for me.

I think we should have a "yay we passed! goodbye Merton!" celebration of sorts in September.

Kiki said...

hey, i just commented on july 8th- so don't miss that post eh! also, i heart Gnarls and you, but you more than Gnarls- we have talked about this and he says he understands, but i dunno, i am concerned about him. we may have to have another DTR again. hope you are well, peace out.

Bec Shulba said...

it's what i love about the blog. no one asks to know this much about our weeks but we share it anyways. but you know what i said aloud to my computer when i read "did anyone want to know this much about my week?"? i said, "YES!" heehee.

Lynn said...

A good pedicure makes for a good Wednesday. Pedicures with Sharelle on a Wednesday... well that's just the best. Makes me so happy.