Friday, July 21, 2006

As promised...

Some stolen Howie wedding photos. Now you are thinking: "where is Sharelle?". Great question, I don't seem to be appearing in these photos, but hey, you get the idea. The real kicker is the ones I am in, were taken by one Lana Jones with a manual camera. I mean really, who uses non digital cameras anymore. haha.

This is the sort of mental dancing that went down that night. And don't be fooled, those boys did not stand on the sidelines the whole time, they also BUSTED a move (yes I am talking to you Adam & Tim). This wedding was phenomenal.

There were moments where I honestly felt like I might have stepped into a time warp back to 5 years ago. The dancing with all these wonderful ladies, just perfect. One of those times when you realize, I am so blessed to know quality people who can also shake 'er down. That my friends, is a killer combo.