Friday, July 28, 2006

Pleasure Boating...

See those little boats below the fireworks there? I was on one of them. Yup, you better believe it. On Wednesday night, I went on the Janzen sailboat into English bay to watch the Italy fireworks.

I am going to go ahead and say, this was the best fireworks expierence I have ever had. Riding through the bay, playing a little Coldplay and then relaxing on the deck of the boat waiting for them to start. Then when they do, the view is perfect. The light explodes in the air literally right in front of you. Like the whole show was just for you. Its easier to think this when you aren't surrounded by the thousands of people on the beach.

So it was truly magical. Italy did an incredible job. During the show, it was universally acknowledged that probably the safest bet for pure beauty is simple white. As the white light filled the sky, I was honestly filled with wonder. Yet something must be said of the colors. The reflection of colored light was shining off the water, and I was mesmerized by the mirage. And as if this wasn't enough, the whole thing was on the backdrop of the setting sun and the beautiful mountains.

Janzen said it perfectly:

"It's moments like this, that make me realize why I stay on the West Coast".


Kristina said...

You're dear to me Sharelle.
Such perfection was experienced that night.
Although i have a feeling Bonnie might not be so pumped on that last comment.

ang said...

it's true, fireworks from a boat are the best. In fact every year I wish I had a boat. I do have an inflatable boat. Maybe on wednesday I'll cast off in my dingy. I agree Italy did a good job, Saturday's were pretty good too. I have a hard time telling which is "better". We are spoiled.

Spiro said...

"ouch" was my response. but ahh, i wish I could have been there with you two. atleast I got to see it from the beach on sat. thanks drewlo for letting us in on it.

Sharelle said...

hey that last comment is in no way trash talking any other beautiful province in this nation.
its simply stating that we are proud of ours, and the beauty that can be found here.
the very same thing i hope we all feel about our respective homes.

Anonymous said...

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